Water Cooler Wednesday – The Cubs Win the World Series!

So, it goes like this: Let's get a schedule together for Nice Girls Writing Naughty. We'll do Saucy Saturdays, and Teaser Tuesdays, and how 'bout Water Cooler Wednesday!  That last one was my idea, in fact, because it's the nice side of the Nice Girls, where Saturday is the naughty, and Tuesdays' Teasers are our most popular and longest-running feature on the blog.  In s...
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Water Cooler Wednesday – Leela Edition

Front Cover OLF
Happy Water Cooler Wednesday. This is the day you'll get to find out a little more about each of the authors of Nice Girls Writing Naughty. I have a few things to tell you about me. I could tell you that I work during the day as a RN Case Manager with high risk pregnant moms with an insurance company, or I could tell you that I have five children ranging from a 20 year old to 1...
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