Water Cooler Wednesday – The Cubs Win the World Series!

So, it goes like this: Let's get a schedule together for Nice Girls Writing Naughty. We'll do Saucy Saturdays, and Teaser Tuesdays, and how 'bout Water Cooler Wednesday!  That last one was my idea, in fact, because it's the nice side of the Nice Girls, where Saturday is the naughty, and Tuesdays' Teasers are our most popular and longest-running feature on the blog.  In s...
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Wicked, Wanton Water Cooler Wednesday…are we cool for the summer?

Okay, so welcome to a seriously cool new feature of the NGWN website: Watercooler Wednesday! As I was thinking of my personal inaugural post for this feature, I was thinking about the guidelines they gave me for it. "Talk about things you'd discuss at the water cooler at work." Well, I have to be honest...before I started writing full-time, I came from the world of hospitali...
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