Saucy Saturday: My Kind of Hero

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I love all kinds of heroes, but I find myself gravitating toward a certain “type”. All of my recent heroes have been middle class men who work with their hands and their brains in some way. (Don’t get me wrong: I love a sexy billionaire!) But boy, do I love a guy who can get dirty (and help his woman get dirty as well). Like the hero of my short story this month. A biker...
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Saucy Saturday: Tempt me by Taste Again

I’m thinking of Food again. :) Food can create a visceral reaction. In many of my books when there is a romantic rendezvous food plays a big part of what is planned. :) I love to cook and it’s a place I go when I want to think or work something out. It can be personal or writing wise. The other day I was thinking about a scene in my book. I had to work out some stuff so I we...
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Five Novels Banned in Boston–and Elsewhere! #SaucySaturday

Hi all! Nona Raines here. I love sexy reads, don't you? I think most people do, even if they have to pretend otherwise. Women today no longer have to be embarrassed about reading erotic romance or other "unladylike" material--thank goodness we no longer live in the Victorian Era! (Though from what I understand, erotica was very popular during that era--even if it had to be enjo...
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Saucy Saturday: Tempt me by Taste

Food can create a visceral reaction. There are many times for a romantic rendezvous food plays a big part of what is planned. I was thinking about this the other day as I wrote a scene in my book. The characters were enjoying a meal the desert while they flirted with each other. This got me to thinking of other times in the past when I read or wrote books and the foods involved...
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#SaucySaturday: Writer Retreat!

Guess where I am this weekend, dear readers. At a writer retreat! I've been so excited to go and meet new authors and get some dedicated time with my latest book, #4 in the Southern Nights series. And then I saw the guest list. WOW! Talk about some sexy writers. :) I thought for today's Saucy Saturday post, y'all might like to see who all I'm visiting with. And there might b...
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Saucy Saturday – Poker Face

Happy Saturday!  Noony here, with some Noos and a sneak peak.  First, The Noos:  Join me and your other favorite authors over at the Romance Studio's End of Summer Bash.  You can enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card, prizes from authors, and read lots of great posts.  The party is open through tomorrow, so be there! As for "Saucy Saturday," our new feature here at the Ni...
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Saucy Saturday: Richer Life

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to Me! Today is my birthday and I’m going to be celebrating it. I’m spending time with my family today. Building some more memoires and getting into a whole lot of mischief. When I think of birthday’s I think of time with family, friends and those you care about spent enjoying the day. Each of those moments are precious. Today is a milestone bi...
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Saucy Saturday in Savannah

savannah, georgia, saucy saturday, sexy settings
Places have a vibe – We can attribute it to history, culture, architecture, or the spirit of the people who inhabit it, but all places have a feel that seeps into us to enhance our mood. In the same way, a sexy setting sets the stage for stories of love and lust in a way that gives them a delicious edge. One city I've always felt was a romantic, sexy place is Savannah, ...
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Sexy in Suits #SaucySaturday

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Nice Girls Writing Naughty inaugural Saucy Saturday post! Every Saturday one of us Nice Girls will bring some sexy to Saturday and brighten up your weekend. :-) I'm Nona Raines and my saucy theme today is men in suits. Whether he's a CEO, a billionaire or a rags-to-riches wunderkind, hot heroes in suits set romance readers' hearts all aflutter. ...
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