Watercooler Wednesday-What’s Your Trope?

erotic romance, stepbrother romance, Nicole O'Riley
Since we are hanging around the Watercooler today, let’s discuss something near and dear to all readers and authors hearts – TROPES. We may not necessarily know the lingo, but we all know a trope when we see one. MERRIAM-WEBSTER DEFINITION:  a common or overused theme or device In the case of a novel or story, it’s a common scenario used to set up the plot, which the author...
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Teaser Tuesday: Modern Day Harem

harem erotic romance, Nicole O'Riley, erotic romance, Bertrice Small
For today’s Teaser Tuesday, I’m sharing an excerpt from one of my newest releases. We all remember the old harem romances of old, including books by Bertrice Small. I’ve written a sexy short in honor of this beloved trope that I hope y’all will enjoy! ~~ Blurb ~~ Forbidden Fantasy: To shed the intense pressure of a Fortune 500 company and submit to a man who can make ...
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