We All Scream for #IceCream! #recipe #WatercoolerWednesday

Hi everyone! Nona Raines here, and it's my turn at Watercooler Wednesday, where we Nice Girls Writing Naughty catch you up with what's happening in our lives. Well, my life is pretty ordinary--most of my excitement comes through my writing, lol. But I have been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. I've been trying to make homemade ice cream. The challenge is I have no ic...
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Zanzibar Chocolate, the Naughtiest Ice Cream in the Midwest – and a Thank You!

2016-04-30 Zanzibar
Do you like chocolate?  Yeah, me too.  It's a naughty pleasure, since it's generally not calorie-free.  But, Dear Reader, now is not the time to start counting calories, or if you must, then have a salad for the rest of the day because this stuff is decadent.  And since I've caught the Cold From Hell, I could use some ice cream to soothe my throat.  So without further ado, ...
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