Saucy Saturday – Next NGWN Event

You probably don't immediately think of an NGWN event when you think of Saucy Saturday.   But we always seem to have some hunks at our FB events.  And many of the NGWN girls themselves are rather Saucy.  :) We actually have our next event (Movie Night) coming up on December 7th.  We hope you can make it. You have to admit some of these hairspray characters are saucy.  Come ...
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Watercooler Wednesday: Join Us!

sexy woman. masquerade, Facebook event, romance authors
If you like hanging around our Watercooler, you'll love attending our events, where you get our undivided attention for hours on end.  :) And one such cool event is coming next Sunday, October 23rd at 6:30pm EST. Check out these details and join the Masquerade de Naughty event page on Facebook! There's already some cool stuff happening over there...   MASQUERADE....
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Teaser Tuesday – Release Day! Release Day! The Charmed Bracelet

The Charmed Bracelet
Today is the day!  Today is the day!  I'm so excited.  The Charmed Bracelet is release into the world for your enjoyment, Dear Reader.  And for Teaser Tuesday, I figured I'd give you a snippet of the story by Rachel Wilder and I, called "Lost and Found." * * * It looked like any corporate conference room, and Shannon suppressed her disappointment. She’d half expected an inter...
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Join us for What’s Your Pleasure? Event

Our June event is nearly here! Join us for some sexy summer fun tomorrow night on Facebook here: At this event, sponsored by author Lara Archer, authors will share some Nice and Naughty summer pleasures from their books, and offer treats to cool you down (or warm you up, depending on how much they want to torture you!). L...
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What’s Your Pleasure This June?

Whats Your Pleasure Party
Join us on Saturday, June 25th, from 5:00 to 10:00 P.M. for the What's Your Pleasure Party! Sponsored by Nice Girl Lara Archer, we'll have pleasures and prizes, conversation and good times - including a Grand Prize of $100 USD Gift Card!  See you there!
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Upcoming Event: The Splish-Splash Page Hop

This weekend the Nice Girls are getting down and dirty...oh, wait! I mean, squeaky our own naughty way.  :) Join us for our Splish-Splash Page Hop, where there will be all kinds of cool fun and prizes celebrating National Bubble Bath Day! You can start here on the blog on Friday, or any of our author's Facebook Pages! We can't wait to have some good, clean fun with ...
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December Event is HERE! Movie Night!

Tonight's the Night! I hope you'll join us for an exciting GIRLS' NIGHT IN, where we'll be watching the movie While You Were Sleeping with some food, fun, and fabulous girl time. Here's how it works: If you want to join us (and we SO hope you do!), rent a copy of While You Were Sleeping from your favorite rental place or grab it off Netflix…or your shelf if you already have ...
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Naughty Girls' Movie Night!

Wanna have a girls' night out but too tired to go anywhere? We have the solution! This month's event is a girls' night IN. The Nice Girls are hosting a Movie Night, a time for all of us to get comfy in our jammies, pop some popcorn, grab a drink or two, and cuddle up with the movie While You Were Sleeping. We'll chat about the movie, laugh until soda comes out our noses, and...
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October Event: Heart Stopping Moments

Do the black moments in your favorite books make your heart race? Does the suspense make your heart pound? Then we have the perfect way for you to spend your evening!    Join us tomorrow night, Sunday October 25th, from 4-9pm EST, for a frighteningly good time as we celebrate those scary moments that make the Happily Ever After in your favorite books SO satisfying. There...
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