Teaser Tuesday: Backstage Pass Antho

Backstage Pass, Dani Wade, rock star romance
Dani Wade here! Solar Uprising was supposed to have the summer off, but all kinds of drama ensued! From a new nanny and her obsessive stalker... to a broken man bent on revenge... to family loyalty gone horribly wrong...these rock stars now have to watch their backs. Who knew life could get even more complicated by love? Here's a little taste of brothers Michael & Da...
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Teaser Tuesday – Release Day! Release Day! The Charmed Bracelet

The Charmed Bracelet
Today is the day!  Today is the day!  I'm so excited.  The Charmed Bracelet is release into the world for your enjoyment, Dear Reader.  And for Teaser Tuesday, I figured I'd give you a snippet of the story by Rachel Wilder and I, called "Lost and Found." * * * It looked like any corporate conference room, and Shannon suppressed her disappointment. She’d half expected an inter...
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#TeaserTuesday: Only for the Night by Ella Sheridan

Guess who has a new release? THIS Naughty Girl! ONLY FOR THE NIGHT comes out today today today! I've waited a long time to share Hank and Sage's unusual journey with readers, and I can't wait to see what you think of them (so be sure and let me know, okay? :) ). ~ ~ ~ Before I get to the teaser for, you know, Teaser Tuesday, I also want to share that book one in this series,...
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V Is for…Vincent! #AtoZChallenge

Ella Sheridan, Only for the Weekend, If Only, contemporary romance, BDSM romance, romantic erotica, erotic romance, romance in Las Vegas
Earlier this month I shared "C Is for Cover," showing off (because I can't help but show it off!) the cover for my next BDSM romance, ONLY FOR THE NIGHT. Today, as we begin to wind down the month of April and our A to Z challenge, I want to share a little bit about my hero in the first book of this series, Vincent. She’s his completely…but only for the weekend. When a roc...
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A to Z Blog Challenge, NGWN Style!

  Today's letter is Q--for QUICKIES! Hey...they don't call us the Nice Girls Writing Naughty for nothing! And what better way to say "I love you" and "I want you" than with an amazing round of hot, dirty love in your favorite illicit spot? (Ava and Gideon on the nightclub observation deck, anyone?) What are some of YOUR quickie spots? Personally, I'm not picky...
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It’s A – Z Blog Challenge Month, with the letter J – for Jillin’!

And now, courtesy of the Nice Girl in the corner… Okay, so we’ve all heard of jacking off, right? And who doesn’t appreciate a hot romance hero, thinking of the woman he can’t have, and…errrmmm…taking care of business himself? Well, welcome to the 21st century, girls—and the age of the awesome jill-off. I do remember that this is a blog about books, so let’s bring it ...
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C Is for…COVER!

Ella Sheridan, Only for the Night, If Only, BDSM romance, contemporary romance
Because we're authors here at Nice Girls Writing Naughty, so covers are all important, right? I know a lot of readers wonder about the behind-the-scenes stuff that happens with the books they love, and with my next release, ONLY FOR THE NIGHT, the cover was a big deal, let me tell ya! Book covers are planned months in advance, sometimes even years by big publishers. This cov...
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SINtillating Saturday

I thought I'd share the inspiration for my latest hero, Daire Rousseau, who will make an appearance in my Small Town Secrets Book 2, BEHIND THE SCARS. It goes up for pre-order soon. But as I'm going through the edits, I'm falling for Daire all over again. What about you?       Happy Sexy Saturday! Dani Wade Book 1 in the Small Town Secrets series, BEN...
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#TeaserTuesday SNOW BOUND

Lots of us are dealing with deep cold and even snow in the US this winter...if not, I'm totally jealous! But I've got a hot, quick novella for you to heat up those freezing nights! The best news...it's FREE! SNOW BOUND by Dani Wade Damon’s awareness returned in a rush, bringing the sting of snow on the skin of his cheek where it lay against the ground. He rolled so he faced...
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#TeaserTuesday #Excerpt from No Promises! #NewAdult #preorder #99cents

Welcome friends! I'm jumpy and excited because my New Adult romance, No Promises is going live in just three days! In honor of that, I'd like to share with you a special sneak-peek excerpt for your eyes only. I hope you enjoy! A new adult romance by multi published author Nona Raines writing as N. Raines. She never met a stray she didn't love… In high school, Sam Pennywell h...
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