Saucy Saturday: A Different Kind of Sexy

Hi all! It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, between the EDJ and juggling my duties as mom and an author.  But one of the more pleasant tasks I’ve had this past week was looking for stock photos for a series I just got the rights back to.  My plan is to highly edit and expand each story, then re-release them…which of course means new shiny covers!   And since I’m expanding ...
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Um… Xanadu…?

2016-04-28 Pic 1
A. Catherine Noon here, pinch-hitting for the letter "X" for the A to Z Challenge.  Let's see.  X.  X marks the spot?  No, did that last year.  X post facto?  No, too esoteric.  What about an X name?  Xander... Xanadu... In Xanadu did Kubla Khan - yes!  Xanadu!  It was a movie, and a famous poem, and a wonder of the world, was it not?  Let's go find out, sez I!  Intrepid ex...
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Under Cover

2016-04-25 Pic 1
A. Catherine Noon here, with some thoughts on spies.  Under cover operatives are a common theme in romance novels.  Rightly so, in my view; they're fun to write and fun to read.  But it's even more fun to be one. No, I'm not about to confess I was a spy in another life.  But I have been a spy in order to write. A popular writing exercise is to record snippets of conve...
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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

2016-05-19 Pic 1
Greetings, Dear Reader!  A. Catherine Noon here, with some thoughts on images.  Pictures.  Pics.  Snaps.  Cams.  They're ubiquitous now.  A great quote from a television show, "Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read."  While funny, I think it's unfair.  What's charming about it is that we can share moments of our lives with each other.  The more we practice a thing,...
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Wednesday’s Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony

I did a Noony.  To those of you that know me, this will not be a surprise.  ~grin~  But I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Next time, remind me that launching not one but two new websites the week that A-Z starts, and two weeks before RT, might not be the brightest idea ever. But hey.  What's life for if not living? So, the biggest news is... Th...
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Wednesday's Wild Ride Around the Web with Aunt Noony

Hello, Dear Readers!  As the year winds down toward NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writing Month), I'm ready to come off my hiatus in time for... frigid weather.  It's supposed to get down to freezing here in the Windy City by this weekend.  I'm not ready! I figured that while we contemplate the Christmas decorations now clogging the aisles before it's freakin' Halloween, I'd sh...
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P Is For… Projects!

Projects.  We all have them, don't we?  I sometimes feel that my projects, stretched end-to-end down my street, would stretch from here to Australia.  Except, my street doesn't point toward Australia; it would probably end up somewhere around the Cape Horn.  But I digress. Today I worked on some posts for my own blog, the craft one that I call Knoontime Knitting.  I've been ...
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N Is For… Nice Girls Writing Naughty! (C'mon, you HAD to see that coming…)

  Happy Thursday!  We're halfway through the A-Z Challenge and back to me, A. Catherine Noon.  I decided to share a little bit about us, the Nice Girls Writing Naughty.  We started in June of 2014, so we're not even a year old.  The brainstorm of two awesome writers, we came together for a common purpose:  to share our love of writing and being, well, nice to each other...
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C Is For… Cats!

Why are cats the go-to animal for writers?  Hemingway had his mitten kittens, Lackey turned hers into psychic companions blessed by a god, Collette said that time spent with a cat is never wasted.  Why cats?  Why not dogs, or gerbils, or boa constrictors? Is it because cats are quiet?  Mine aren't.  This one, in particular, likes to sing the Song of His People to us at three...
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A Is For… Abracadabra!

Good morning!  I'm A. Catherine Noon and I'm here to kick off the A-Z Blogging Challenge with the Nice Girls, Writing Naughty!  We promise to behave ourselves for the challenge, and to bring you some fun, some thoughtful posts, and something new to read.  So sit back, get a cuppa, and join us for the Challenge. Today is A, the first letter in the English alphabet.  I picked ...
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