Um… Xanadu…?

2016-04-28 Pic 1
A. Catherine Noon here, pinch-hitting for the letter "X" for the A to Z Challenge.  Let's see.  X.  X marks the spot?  No, did that last year.  X post facto?  No, too esoteric.  What about an X name?  Xander... Xanadu... In Xanadu did Kubla Khan - yes!  Xanadu!  It was a movie, and a famous poem, and a wonder of the world, was it not?  Let's go find out, sez I!  Intrepid ex...
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Under Cover

2016-04-25 Pic 1
A. Catherine Noon here, with some thoughts on spies.  Under cover operatives are a common theme in romance novels.  Rightly so, in my view; they're fun to write and fun to read.  But it's even more fun to be one. No, I'm not about to confess I was a spy in another life.  But I have been a spy in order to write. A popular writing exercise is to record snippets of conve...
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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

2016-05-19 Pic 1
Greetings, Dear Reader!  A. Catherine Noon here, with some thoughts on images.  Pictures.  Pics.  Snaps.  Cams.  They're ubiquitous now.  A great quote from a television show, "Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read."  While funny, I think it's unfair.  What's charming about it is that we can share moments of our lives with each other.  The more we practice a thing,...
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Welcome to the NGWN Group Blog – How Do YOU Do All the Things? That’s A!

2016-04-01 Pic 1
It's April 1st!  Which means, it's the start of the A-Z Challenge.  Over the next month, you'll be reading posts from me and my fellow Nice Girls Writing Naughty.  We'll share tips, news, recipes, excerpts - basically anything that's fun for us and that we think you'll enjoy. For today, I figured I'd share a little about why I like challenges and then ask you, Dear Reade...
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The TRS Staying Home Party – Not Going to RT? Join Us!

Not going to Vegas for RT?  We didn't forget you - join the party! We know not everyone is going to Las Vegas for RT this year - so we decided to join the awesome folks over at TRS Parties for a Staying Home Party!  Look for posts by Noony, aka Nice Girl A. Catherine Noon, and her special Nice Girls guests throughout the party for prizes, essays, recipes, excerpts, and on-th...
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Mac 'n' Cheese–and Hunks!

Hey there, gang! Angel Payne here, excited to help celebrate BETTER THAN SEX NOVEMBER. And I have to tell you right now that this recipe I'm sharing is damn near orgasmic. Do NOT let the title fool you. It has the word "Vegan" in it but the moment I first tasted this, I didn't give a crap if if it had mouse guts in it. This sh** is GOOD. I also going to post a full disclaime...
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One Cock Tail, Two Ways

Today is the day, folks.  Black Friday.  The day that Rachel, the Wilder in Noon and Wilder, is gonna need a cocktail. And thank you to my fellow Nice Girl, the lovely Angel Payne, for the suggestion to write my post today about cock tails.  ~giggle~  So here we go, without further ado: The Noon and Wilder: One Cock Tail, Two Ways Funny thing, but my spellchecker flags cock ...
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Better Than Sex November: Impress the VIPs Spanakopita!!

It's the holidays, and everybody needs some party-ready treats that get attention--and get gobbled up! I love this dish because it smells and looks and tastes fabulous and festive, and looks so complicated, everybody thinks you're a major chef...even though it's actually easy, and perfect for a messy, clumsy cook like me. It works for an eat-with-your-hands appetizer, as a s...
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Better Than Sex November: Strawberry Champagne Floats

Strawberries and Sex I've always loved strawberries, so when I found out one of my heroes had a "thing" for them too, I was overjoyed! The book is NAUGHTY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, and Damien's favorite treat are strawberries and cream Cream Saver candies.      Damien's words broke the silence. “I have this fantasy.”      Harley's knees went weak. “What about?” she croaked.      His ...
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Better Than Sex November: Magic "Potatoes"

A while back, I discovered horrifying news: I, an Irish woman by ancestry and an American by birth, could not eat potatoes. Shock! Awe! Then depression set in. Until, one day... Magic "Potatoes" As I perused the pages of my restrictive diet's recipe book, I came across something called cauliflower mashed potatoes.  Now, I didn't particularly like cauliflower.  And I adored ...
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