A to Z Challenge: R is for Elle Rush

Happy Friday! Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful April and our fun A to Z Challenge. I know I’ve added to my TBR pile.

Today I am delighted to introduce the wonderful Elle Rush. If you’re looking for stories filled with sexy, and hunky, and a wicked sense of humour, Elle’s books are for you:).

Here is a little bit more about Elle Rush:

Elle Rush is a contemporary romance and romantic suspense author from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When she’s not travelling, she’s hard at work writing books which are set all over the world.

Elle has a degree in Spanish and French, barely passed German, and is teaching herself Italian and Filipino. She flunked poetry in every language she ever studied. She also has mild addictions to tea, bad science fiction movies (Sharknado 4ever!) and HGTV.

Tell us a little about your newest release:

Dominican Stars 200x320


My most recent release was, literally, a beach read. DOMINICAN STARS, the third book in my Resort Romance series, is a contemporary romance about two people who are ready to embark on the second great romance of their lives.

All Julie Beresford wanted was a vacation fling, something to distract her from the most important decision of her teaching career. What she gets is a man who not only captures her heart but pushes her to face her fears.

Contractor Dennis Wilson is supposed to be on a father-son bonding trip, but after that turns into a solo vacation at the last minute, Julie is an intoxicating distraction from the disappointment.

When his son arrives unexpectedly, Julie’s presence throws a spanner into an already tense situation. Can Dennis salvage both relationships, or is one doomed to break?

My next release is ACTION HERO, book five of Hollywood to Olympus, is coming out this summer.

AH small

1. What excites you most about your current work-in-progress?

The fun level! I adore bad sci-fi movies, and ACTION HERO is my love letter to the insanity that is Sharknado. My actor hero and heroine are working on a movie with rabid, cyborg, panda assassins, and then it really gets going. Plus, it has a hot romantic component. What’s not to love about something that hilarious? (It’s coming out this summer, just before Sharknado 5, for other like-minded, awesome fans.) If you’d like to check out the series, SCREEN IDOL, book 1, is free at all e-vendors.

2. How do you deal with real-life distractions (job, kids, cats, birds chirping…)?

I don’t have kids, so that eliminates a whack of potential distractions, and I try to group out-of-the-house appointments to keep my schedule as uninterrupted as possible. I can work through almost anything – other people in the room, construction noise, music – with one exception. People talking. I can’t have the television on because I listen to what they are saying, even if I don’t look up. It’s the same for talk radio; I concentrate on the words. My brain can turn music into background noise, but people talking is my ultimate downfall!

3. What’s your morning beverage of choice?

Tea. All the tea, all the time. I have a tea cupboard. It used to be a shelf, but…things happen. I’m a tea snob and have oodles of canisters of loose tea in several flavours. I drink a whole pot of black/caffeinated tea first thing in the morning. If it’s going to be one of those days, I may have a second pot. After lunch, I switch to all things decaf.

4. What’s the most common ‘theme’ found in your stories?

All my stories have strong, self-reliant women who choose to let a man into their lives, rather than woman who need a partner to complete them. That’s not to say my heroines aren’t looking for love, but they know what they want in a man and are willing to wait for it. And then I provide him.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Elle:).

2 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: R is for Elle Rush

  1. Chris says:

    I love that you write about strong female characters. The best romance comes from desire, not need. Can’t wait to see Dominican Stars in print!

    1. Tina Christopher says:

      Thank you for the lovely comment:).

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