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Good morning, and welcome to another installment of the Nice Girls Writing Naughty A to Z Challenge! Today is brought to you by the letter Q and author Taryn Quinn!

If you can’t quite place her name, that’s because she’s really *two* writers–the USA Today bestselling authors Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn! They have combined their names to create a new persona for an exciting new direction in their writing! We are so happy to have them with us today!

Here’s a little more about Taryn Quinn:

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn likes music and men, so she figured why not write about both? When she’s not writing, she’s screaming at men’s college basketball games on TV, playing her music too loud or causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.

USA Today bestselling author Taryn Elliott is obsessed with rock stars, men, and her unending playlists—maximizing these things seemed like a very good idea. When she’s not writing, she’s losing hours to hot men on TV, and/or a graphic design project. Multitasking is her middle name.

They decided to combine forces and found that hey…this writing deal is even more awesome when you collaborate with your best friend.

And so the Oblivion World was born.

And here’s her/their interview:

Tell us a little about your newest release:

We’re in the final stretch for our Found in Oblivion series which is a spinoff of our bestselling Lost in Oblivion series. Book 4, LOST LYRIC, is heading to e-readers on MAY 12th.


He’s her good boy gone bad…

Rockstar Ryan Waters has always been the responsible one in his band. The guy who kept an eye on business while chasing his musical dreams with his best friends.

Until he decided to have some fun. To make some money, to test his luck. Then it all spun out of control.

Denver Casey has seen and heard everything. When she started driving Warning Sign’s tour bus, she expected just another job.

Until Ryan became her partner in crime. The one guy she could count on when every other one she’d ever trusted had let her down.

Then Ryan turns up missing…and she realizes he might need more than her friendship. Along with her laughter in the day, he craves her love in the dark.

And it takes her just one wild night to get addicted.

Falling for her best friend means putting everything on the line, win or lose. No matter the risk to her job—and her heart.

Pre-order Lost Lyric from Amazon

Cari and Taryn, you’re published individually and have co-written a number of best-selling rock star romances (the Lost in Oblivion series among others). What made you decide to take the leap and become Taryn Quinn?

Well, we have way too many stories to tell for one thing. LOL And a lot of our readers expect a certain style of book from us. The longer form ultra-sexy romance with a lot of twists and turns is so much fun to write! But sometimes we just want a shorter spicy book that is a lot of fun both on and off the page. Those long books can be daunting. So we created TQ—short for Taryn Quinn—so we can write shorter stories in many different styles. Some rockstars, some darker stories, some light and sexy, and we’ve even got a few paranormal books on the horizon. TQ has become our playground for an “anything goes” mentality. It frees us up to experiment in many different avenues.

We’re very interested in your process as co-writers. Do you brainstorm your plots together? How do you handle the actual writing part?

Our style of co-writing has evolved since that very first book, SEDUCED, came out in 2013. MEEP! Did I say 2013? *looks back on copyright page* Huh. Yep, that’s right. In fact, ROCKED – the first full book in the series—just had a book birthday! April 8, 2014. Insane. Anyway, we went from plotting things out and writing individual books to getting right into the trenches with each other through the entire process. We generally pick a point of view character and build them, but by the middle of the book it’s amalgamation of both of us for both the hero and heroine. We make up a chapter list and high points we want to hit and split it up. Then when we get to the edits we usually have Cari as the last read to put all our ducks in a row.

According to your Taryn Quinn website, you are delving into dark romance and paranormal as well. When it comes to those themes, are there any books, movies or TV shows that appeal to you? 🙂

YES! We’re so excited to do the darker stuff. A few of our favorite authors are super dark and twisty—Skye Warren, Laurelin Paige, and Kresley Cole. We totally want to go play in that kind of sandbox, then add in our particular brand of crazy. LOL But we also bonded over Nora Roberts when we first met. We both love that huge family nucleus in a series. We just mostly build our own within a band.

As for TV, we both love Supernatural, early The Vampire Diaries (before they screwed up the writing…bah!), and super action packed movies like The Fast and the Furious franchise. So all that will be infiltrating our writing very soon! And truly it has already with our serial fiction stories. We love all that mind-bending stuff.

Both sides of our writer personalities seem to gravitate toward layered stories. 😉

Introvert or Extrovert? How does this affect your work?

BOTH! Cari is an introvert and would rather smile politely and get on with her day, and Taryn is the extrovert that will talk to a cantaloupe. LOL It helps a lot for us to divvy up tasks. And also to build characters with all different kinds of personalities.

How do you deal with real-life distractions (job, kids, cats, birds chirping…)?

Honestly, this is the WORST for us. We’re both infinitely distractible. SOOOOO bad! But we find that if we have a daily goal, it keeps us on task. That and reward systems. LOL Picking out something in our Etsy cart—we’re both planner girls—or watching a video to wind down at the end of the night seems to keep us motivated.

What’s your morning beverage of choice?

COFFEEEEEEEE. Ahem. Yes, coffee is our number one. LOL We both like iced tea, and ultra-delicious Hint water to rehydrate our abused systems.

What’s the most common ‘theme’ found in your stories?

Building your family—even if it’s not blood. It’s a main theme with almost all of our books. And acceptance, both external and within.

Thanks so much for being with us today, Cari and Taryn! You guys ROCKED, as you might say! 🙂

Thanks so much for having us! We really appreciate the chance to talk about ourselves. Wait…hmm. That’s not right. LOL No, seriously, we appreciate being asked to be part of your A-Z Challenge. This is a wonderful thing to do for authors.


Rock On,

Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn

aka Taryn Quinn

Catch up with Taryn Quinn here:

Website: http://www.tarynquinn.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TarynQuinn

Twitter: @TQauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tarynquinnauthor/


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