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Good morning all. Nona Raines here. Welcome to Watercooler Wednesday! This is the day of the week when we Nice Girls Writing Naughty let our hair down and chat about some of the personal goings on in our lives.

You know how some parents will go on and on and on about their kids while you smile politely and tune them out? (Disclaimer: I think children are great and I totally understand why moms and dads are proud of them.) Well, I have no kids, so guess what? I brag about my pets! I can be a total bore about them–just give me a chance!

I think my fur babies are just the cutest–except of course when they’re big pains in the rear. My dog Iris puts the lie to all the stories about pit bulls being mean and vicious. She’s a mush who loves being petted. But she’s also a bed hog. (Yeah, okay, she sleeps in my bed. So sue me.) And she snores!

snoozy iris


I usually write on my bed with my laptop, but I can’t get much done if Iris is curled up by my side. If I pet her once, she becomes a pest, nosing and nudging me until I pat her again.

My big orange cat Sasquatch is another distraction. He has to have his very own bedroom because he is a big boss to my other cats and can’t be trusted with them. When he’s with me, he demands my lap, so too bad for me if I’m trying to write! And woe betide me if I try to squeeze my laptop in beside him. Those fingers of mine tapping the keyboard become his play toys.

sass on lap

My tortoiseshell cat Topaz has her own funny ways. She interrupts my writing periodically to deliver a “present”—which might be an old strip of paper, a bottle cap or errant twist tie she found somewhere. She deposits it beside me, then waits for me to toss it so she can catch it and bring it back. We play that game until she gets tired of it.


For a cat, anything’s a toy. As I write this, Sasquatch has knocked a pen to the floor and is having a grand old time rolling it across the floor. *Sigh* It’s a wonder I get anything done at all.

Why don’t I close the door, you may ask? Why don’t I keep distractions away while I work?

Well, come on. Could you close the door on those adorable little faces? 🙂

So tell me, friends. What kind of cute or pesky things do your pets do?

Nona Raines


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2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Four-legged Distractions #WatercoolerWednesday #pets @ngwngroup

  1. That’s an adorable picture of Sasquatch! He looks like he’s melting into the pillow, lol.

    1. Nona Raines says:

      Thanks, Noony. That’s one of his quieter moments, lol.

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