Saucy Saturday – How Saucy do you like it?

I’m talking about reading here people, not the act itself. 🙂 romantic_heart_words_s

I’m in the process of my current WIP and just finished writing my first Sex Scene.  I tend to write a lot of scenes from the male POV just because I feel like I can really use some primal and guttural language, that I don’t really want to give to my heroine.

This is also another reason I avoid writing historical.  When you write contemporary or even futuristic you open up a wide range of bedroom language.   Even though some “dirtier” words are older than people think, readers have a certain expectation when reading a historical.

My current WIP is a steampunk, so I punched out the scene and then will go back and see later which words feel as though they are Victorian, etc.   As a writer, I’ve moved away from purple prose, although I think it can be very well done just not by me.  My first draft sex scenes are now more raw, mechanical and clinical.    I go back later and layer it for better reading.

So my fellow Nice Girls and Readers, do you like your scenes rough and raw or do you prefer them to be more seductive and sensual?



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