Water Cooler Wednesday – Conferences

My apologies for posting this later than usual.  I’m attending a Conference in St. Cloud, MN and kind of missed my post in the flutter to leave and then attending a Conference.

I’m actually the guest of my husband as he attends a conference for Agricultural Aviation.  Its an interesting thing being a guest when DH is so often my guest in a sea of female writers & readers.  A role he doesn’t seem to mind.

Needless to say our roles are reversed and I’m in the minority.  Although, that has huge benefits when using the bathroom.   🙂

They do have a one day track for spouses, which involved some Personality quizzes and Wine and Painting.   My picture was hands down the worst one,  so I think I’ll stick to my pallet of words. 🙂

I know writers and pilots aren’t the only conferences in the world, so tell me dear reader, what are some other conferences that you’ve attended or some places you’ve traveled?



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