New Nice Girl: McKenna Jeffries

The Nice Girls Writing Naughty are welcoming a new addition into our midst today. Actually, a part of her has been here all along. Author Taige Crenshaw has been a part of the Nice Girls from the beginning, but now she’s introducing us to one of her pen names-so you get to see a whole new side and read whole new stories!!!!


TAIGE CRENSHAW here and I’m so excited to introduce you to another of my alter egos. 🙂 So here she is:


I’m excited to be joining the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Group.

Hi (waves)

I’m McKENNA JEFFRIES and in case you’re not aware I write under multiple pen names. Each name is very distinct in my mind. You already know Taige who is a NGWN member already.

So just a little about my trio of alter egos. Yep I write under three names. 🙂  I’m about to give you a brief overview about me (McKenna). Well before that let me just say about my alter egos.

They all crazy…they are. They don’t let me sleep and are nuttier than a fruit cake. They’re like trying to train a cat and anyone with cats know they do what they want and you’re just go with what they want. Yeah you have no control over them. 🙂

So here is some about me. (wink)

McKenna Jeffries is my sensual, sassy pen name. She is the misbehavior maker. She was also my first pseudonym. She has been writing longer than all the other names.

Here is McKenna’s Bio:

McKenna Jeffries has loved the written word from time she picked up her first book. Soon she was creating tales of love and family. Although McKenna used to make up stories she never thought to put them on paper until….she realized the stories would keep filling her until they were written. Since then she’s been writing and sharing her interracial/multicultural books. There is always some new story floating around her head. An itchy feeling in her fingers fills her until she can get a piece of paper to write it down. She writes because it’s a love affair. Writing is in her blood and she enjoys taking readers on a journey.  With so many ideas filling her, McKenna is always hard at work.

Here is a list of my books.

Kindle Worlds Publishing

Carly Phillips’ Kindle Worlds Dare to Love series

Unexpected Dare, December 2016

Unexpected Dare, McKenna Jeffries, Kindle Worlds


Rules of Attraction Series

Mating Scents, August 2014


Intentions Series

Simple Arrangement, April 2014


McKingley Series

All the Wright Moves, March 2013

The Best Thing Yet, May 2013

Risky Pleasures, July 2013

Print-Combo, Book 1 & 2: McKingley – Vol. 1, July 2013

Pure Harmony, September 2013

Irresistible Forces, November 2013

Print-Combo, Book 3 & 4: McKingley – Vol. 2, November 2013

Seductions Dance, December 2013

Print-Combo, Book 5 & 6: McKingley – Vol. 3, January 2014


Liquid Silver Books


Sultry Nights Series

Conquering Jazz, March 2008


And last but not least here are places to find me around the web.

Website/Blog –

Facebook Author Page –


Word Slinger Café (Facebook Chat Group) –

Well…I think that is all for now. I’ll be seeing you. 🙂

Happy Reading !

McKenna Jeffries

…. sensual, edgy, unexpected

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