Watercooler Wednesday-What’s Your Trope?

Since we are hanging around the Watercooler today, let’s discuss something near and dear to all readers and authors hearts – TROPES. We may not necessarily know the lingo, but we all know a trope when we see one.


 a common or overused theme or device

In the case of a novel or story, it’s a common scenario used to set up the plot, which the author then carries through to the expected end (usually in an unexpected way).

Each romance sub- genre has its own tropes:

Contemporary series-secret baby, boss/secretary, pretend marriage…

Suspense-Woman in peril, rogue cop, dead body in opening scene…

Paranormal-Shapeshifters, woman learning she’s a shapeshifter, vampire turning his human lover…

Erotic romance-BDSM, being trained by a Dom, the Club…

These tropes are what my current erotic shorts are based on—take them and turn them into a sexy story. This month’s release is based on a fairly new trope that only hit the romance scene in a big way in the last few years—the Stepbrother Trope.

erotic romance, stepbrother romance, Nicole O'Riley


What about you? Which tropes or common story lines do you most enjoy? Which would you most like to see go from moderate to scorching hot?  🙂


Nicole O’Riley is an author from the deep South, USA, who writes to keep herself sane while dealing with a life filled with kids, cats, and chaos.

Her erotic short reads feature forbidden fantasies of all kinds, so there’s a little something for every sexy story reader. From menage to submission to harems to a stepbrother…or two…the possibilities are endless… The newest FORBIDDEN FANTASIES erotic story will be out Friday!

You can find out more about Nicole and sign up for her New Release newsletter (and claim your free mini-short story) at www.nicoleoriley.com.

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