Watercooler Wednesday: Making Uno Memories…

funI may have mentioned a time or two that I enjoy playing Uno…ok. It is more than a time or two. I may have also mentioned my family calls by the nickname Uno Queen Diva (more on what that means here). It’s a friendly tease as I enjoy Uno and well I love playing it with people. In my opinion it can give great memories of time spent playing, laughing and having fun.

When my nephew came to visits for the holiday after he returned from his trip we played Uno Dare. And for those of you who was at RT Convention last year and recall the naughty version we played of the game…with my nephew I played a nicer version. Or a smart ass version. Since it seems all of us in the family has the smart ass gene. LOL.

So my nephew and I came up with some fun alternates to the dares. It was such a good time and of course we built memories. And for those of you wondering…yep I retained my Uno Queen Diva crown.


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