Watercooler Wednesday: It’s Raining Men…

It’s raining here today, but not men, more’s the pity. It’s not a huge, rushing downpour, but a slow steady rain that causes constant pings against the windowpane. To me, this is the ideal reading weather.

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My dream would be to sit in front of a big picture window while a steady rain comes down, a crackling fire in the hearth, an engaging book in my lap, and a cup of hot chocolate beside me. And by the way, it’s also ideal writing weather too. 😉

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Lots of people love to read on the beach, in the bed, in the garden…I guess loving to read in the rain is showing the Scottish bits of my heritage.

What about you? When and where is your favorite reading spot?


Dani Wade astonished her local librarians as a teenager when she carried home 10 books every week – and actually read them all. Now she writes her own characters who clamor for attention in the midst of the chaos that is her life. Residing in the southern U.S. with one husband, two kids, and three cats, she stays busy until she can closet herself away with her characters once more. You can find out more about her at her website and receive a free novella for signing up for her author newsletter.


One thought on “Watercooler Wednesday: It’s Raining Men…

  1. Oh, I love reading and/or writing on my back patio during perfect thunder or rain storms. Best wishes!

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