Teaser Tuesday: Modern Day Harem

For today’s Teaser Tuesday, I’m sharing an excerpt from one of my newest releases. We all remember the old harem romances of old, including books by Bertrice Small. I’ve written a sexy short in honor of this beloved trope that I hope y’all will enjoy!

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~~ Blurb ~~

Forbidden Fantasy: To shed the intense pressure of a Fortune 500 company and submit to a man who can make my responsibilities disappear.

Fantasy Fulfilled: His stare saw right through me to the parts I kept hidden deep inside. The erotic games he played took me from my comfort zone to the sensual delights of a modern harem.

I’d always been the one in charge-now I was learning the art of submission at the hands of a true master.

~~ Excerpt ~~

He wasn’t what I expected.

Tall, he was built with an elegantly muscled grace that spoke of refined activity. Not brute force, but capable, exotic strength. Which only made me wonder what it would feel like to have all that strength focused on me.


He even sounded exotic. And for the first time in my adult life I was intimidated.

Panic started to pound through my veins as he crossed the room to me. When I’d chosen the erotic vacation package entitled “Modern Day Harem”, I had been overwhelmed from my father’s death and the pressure of taking over his Fortune 500 company. Finally secure in my position as head of the board, I’d been well aware of the need for a pressure valve. When a friend had mentioned this company, I’d looked forward to the wild ride.

Now I was out of the US in the wilds of the jungle facing a man I didn’t know—with no way to contact anyone if I needed help…no matter how reputable this company had seemed during my security check.

“Welcome, madam.”

His voice was just as smooth as the rest of him. Café au lait skin and long dark hair. Instead of the long robes of my imagination, he wore a tight white T-shirt and loose pants of a material I couldn’t make out. And yet his very presence commanded me in a way I wasn’t familiar with…very few men could ignite that need I had deep inside to submit to a male.

He could conjure it with a simple stare of those dark eyes.

I attempted to clear my throat. “Hello.”

He smiled, though he didn’t comment on the slight quaver in my voice. “Let’s sit, shall we?” he asked with a refined gesture toward the lounging area nearby. “Sofie, I’ll ring when we need you again.”

The door closed softly behind the woman who had shown me to this room through the intricate maze of hallways filled with exquisite paintings and colorful tile. Despite the slight shock that raced through me as my exit was cut off, I crossed to the white sofas. Pull yourself together.

After all, I was a plus-size woman who ran a large corporation, faced discrimination in the board room, and faced catty women in the locker room. I could handle just about anything, except exposing my naked body and secret desires. Usually I covered those up with power suits. The uncertainty of this situation was out of the ordinary for me, but I would handle it.


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nicole o'riley, erotic short stories, erotic romance, short readsNicole O’Riley is an author from the deep South, USA, who writes to keep herself sane while dealing with a life filled with kids, cats, and chaos.

Her erotic short reads feature forbidden fantasies of all kinds, so there’s a little something for every sexy story reader. From menage to submission to harems to a stepbrother…or two…the possibilities are endless…

You can find out more about Nicole and sign up for her New Release newsletter (and claim your free mini-short story) at www.nicoleoriley.com.

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