Tantalizing Tuesday: Benevolent Master

Well, peeps. It’s less than a week away now! (The release of my third Doms of Napa Valley Series.)  To say this book has been a long time in coming is a gross understatement. Oh the tears I’ve cried, the frustration I’ve felt, and the sheer hopelessness of ever finishing this book.  But I preserved and believe it or not, it’s finally coming out!    So here’s a slightly naughty (okay it’s more than slightly naughty) tease…

Tease:  (Set up: Alyce is talking to Kaleb on the phone at the end of very stressful day. They are discussing one of her rules – that she takes at least thirty minutes for herself each day – and she’s just asked if she can skip it tonight because she’s so tired…)

Slipping into her bedroom, she clicked on the lamp next to her bed. “I guess not. Perhaps Sir could let me skip just this once?”

A low growl filled her ear. “Now what kind of Dom would I be if I let you get away with not following the rules, kitten?”

“A merciful one?” Gathering up her nightgown from the foot of the bed, she headed toward the attached bathroom. “I’m soo damned tired I’ll be lucky to make it to my bed after my shower.”

“I know, which is why I am going to make this easy for you, by lifting the time limit on it.”

Hope flared in her chest. “You are? So reading until I fall asleep is acceptable?”

He chuckled. “No. You’ll be asleep before you read the first paragraph.” There was a rustling sound in her ear, as if he were shifting papers around. “You have a detachable shower head right?”

What the hell does my shower head have to do with anything? “Yeah.”

“Good. I want you to use it to make yourself come tonight.”

She nearly swallowed her tongue, but forced herself to breath normally. “But I’m not allowed to come without…”

“My permission.” He sighed. “Which is exactly what I’m giving you. It’s been weeks since you agreed to my rules, and since you haven’t asked, I’m going to tell you I want you to come tonight. I’m not a horrible Dom who is going to use your sexual needs against you – at least not yet.”

She bit her lip to stifle the moan that tried to escape at his veiled threat. With shaking fingers, she set her gown on the counter. “I didn’t say you were. But don’t you get your pleasure from being the one to do…well, that?”

“That?” She could almost see his grin through the phone. “Knowing that you’re using the water against that little pussy of yours, directing its spray to hit your clit until you come more than brings me pleasure. In fact, imagining you obeying will have me doing some of my own stroking tonight.”

Bastard. She bit back a moan as her mind supplied images of Kaleb stroking his cock. “I can’t believe you just…”

“Admitted that I jack off thinking about you?” She could hear the desire in his husky tone. “I do – frequently. You’re a very desirable woman, Alyce – one that I enjoy learning about more each and every day.”


And now that I’ve teased you, I would be remiss, if I didn’t give you the deets to go out and order your copy:


benevolentmasterBlurb: Single mom, Alyce O’Connell is a desperate woman. With her thesis almost complete on the intricate relationships between dominants and submissives she thinks she’s found a way to better her and daughter’s life – until her adviser won’t sign off on it. Dr. Gylberte insists that Alyce needs some actual in ‘the field’ experience. While she can’t believe the woman is going to withhold her approval until Alyce has experienced at least a few weeks in the role of a dominant or submissive, Alyce is willing to do anything to get it – including begging the man at the door of New Beginnings to help her.

Kaleb Terzis loves his life. He not only gets to help kids by running one of the most popular youth art centers in Napa Valley, he also works part time as a Dominant at New Beginnings with several of his friends. He’s footloose and free – content to play the field of willing submissives, until a desperate woman comes into the club, all in the name of research. Even as he’s prepared to hand off Alyce to Master Ethan, he changes his mind when Alyce shivers at his touch and turns those needy eyes his way. Attracted to the cool beauty despite her resemblance to his ex wife, he takes her on – determined to prove that under her impersonal demeanor is a woman who needs to submit.

He just never expects her to turn the tables on him…

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