Water Cooler Wednesday – The Cubs Win the World Series!


So, it goes like this:

Let’s get a schedule together for Nice Girls Writing Naughty. We’ll do Saucy Saturdays, and Teaser Tuesdays, and how ’bout Water Cooler Wednesday!  That last one was my idea, in fact, because it’s the nice side of the Nice Girls, where Saturday is the naughty, and Tuesdays’ Teasers are our most popular and longest-running feature on the blog.  In short, readers like them.

Those of you paying attention will notice it’s Friday.

Yeah, yeah.  I live in Chicago.

Not following?

Say it with me:

The Chicago Cubs Won the World Series For the First Time Since 1908!

And this is why, Dear Reader, my Water Cooler Wednesday is Water Cooler Friday.

See my logic here?

Three, sir; three!

Hmm.  Where was I?

The Cubs won the World Series!

Can you believe it?

Talk about the triumph of hope over experience.

It’s also November, which means National Novel Writing Month, and I’m volunteering again this year as a Municipal Liaison for the Chicago Region.  And in two weeks, it’s American Thanksgiving.

See previous re: the triumph of hope over experience…

But for you, Dear Reader, I have a most auspicious announcement.  My co-Nice Girl, Nona Raines, is putting on a movie party for us in December, coinciding with the international premiere of Hairspray, the movie.


So, there you have it, Dear Reader.  A little water cooler gossip about the Cubs, some Monty Python, and an invitation to go to the movies with us, your Nice Girls Writing Naughty.  What more could you want?

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings
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