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1025161843For years I’ve wanted to claim my own office in the house.  Finally, right before a Writing Retreat,  I hosted at my farm, I buckled down and turned one of the abandoned children’s room into an office.   It is the largest Bedroom in the house with a walk-in closet.   Okay, it’s just walk-in cuz I’m 5 feet tall.

My husband and I had moved into the room after the last daughter went to University because it was one of the only rooms that could house the queen size bed I wanted.   I put a desk in there to do some writing from time to time, but it never really worked as either a bedroom or an office.

Hosting the annual writing retreat gave me a chance to re-evaluate the space because I wasn’t really happy with it.  Once I thought about what I wanted, for writing and for sleeping,  I turned the space into a library.  I have all my reference books in there (along with a few novels).  I kept the desk, moved in a couple bookshelves and added a bed for guests.

1025161845I love the space, and while I set it up for writing, I find myself scrapbooking, coloring and reading.   This room definitely makes me feel creative, and while I still tend to write all over the house, at least I have a space to claim just for writing, where I can close the door and focus.


So my fellow writers – Do you have a special space to write?  Or can you write anywhere? Ironic, that I get a space after the kids move away.   Although the dogs are still a pestering distraction.




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