It’s Teaser Tuesday….and we’re talking flings

What happens when you’re family wants you to marry for money but you’ve just met the man of your dreams?



“If you don’t get in the water all the good fish may be snapped up.”

“I’m not much of a mingler, or a fisherman…er, woman…this event is more interesting as a spectator sport.” She tried to look as if she was taking in the scene and not trying to stop an anxiety attack.

“Are you a reporter?” questioned the man with the perfectly tailored suit.

“No, I’m not, but maybe I could give it a try. Do you think any of this would be a good story?” She gave herself permission to study the beautiful man who’d stopped to have a conversation. At least it was giving her something to think about besides her life, this event, and her upcoming interview to help plan the billionaire’s wedding.

He looked thoughtful as his gaze spanned the room. “Well, of course. The biggest story is the treasure hunt these women are on.”

“Hey, there are a few men out there looking as well. This event is calling all the well-to-do people here to meet the people who want to be well-to-do.” Daisy could talk about the event with the best of them. It was joining in that she got nervous about.

If she had thought his voice was sexy, it had nothing on the quiet chuckle she could almost feel in the pit of her belly, warming her up and turning her on… Wait! This wasn’t supposed to be happening; she needed to remember why she was here—bills, bankruptcy and for once, being the daughter who knew how to make her mother proud.

“I guess you’re right, but I’m sure you were really talking about the big prize,” he said, still looking around but making her feel like she was the center of his attention.

“Yes. The secret billionaire who has to be married by Valentine’s Day. That gives him a little under four weeks to find a bride. It’s pretty medieval stuff, and these women seem to be eating it up.” Daisy spoke and watched as the amused expression crossed his face, beckoning to her inner comedienne to come out to play. If he could do all that to her with a chuckle, what would a full-on laugh do?

“You aren’t here for that?” His eyes twinkled as he joked with her, and he looked so comfortably jovial that just a touch of her anxiety slipped away.

“I guess I am here for the big prize,” she said and hated how wishy-washy she sounded.

“You’re not sure?”

She puffed up to her full height of five-nine… Well, she was when she wore her two-inch heels.

“Yes, I’m sure. That’s why I’m here.”

“Did you come alone?”

His mouth drew her gaze, and she stared until he cleared his throat.

“No. I came with my cousin and a friend of ours,” she answered like there wasn’t a pause. Her face was going to turn a bright pink.

“Where are they?” He scanned the area as if they were going to be nearby.


He laughed, and that low, deep sound unleashed something deep in her belly that traveled along her nerves and pinged her clit and her nipples at the same time.

So that’s what happens when he laughs?


That’s the teaser…would you like to see more? One Last Fling is available at Amazon.

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