#SaucySaturday: White Collar Meets Criminal Minds

Hi, All!  Guess this is better late than never.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dakota, one of the original NGWN. I’m very proud to say I have been a member of the group since it’s inception two years ago, and just love these ladies.  So today’s Saturday and after several technical snafus…(sorry my computer hates me at the moment)  I’m here to share just a bit of sexiness on this beautiful fall day!   The gentleman below is has been the model for my current WIP’s hero, Raven.  He’s a tough as nails FBI agent, who calls the Windy City his home.



Meet Raven Cravey:45660206_ml

Background –   Raised as a traditional Irish Catholic, he followed in his father’s footsteps, which led him into law enforcement. The youngest of his parents six kids, he has always had to prove himself. Now at 42, he’s content to settle for bachelorhood. He’s been with the FBI for nearly ten years and has slowly made it up the ranks to where he is. Has just transferred over to the White Collar Unit, where he’s given the job of offering the Ghost a deal. He still calls his mother every Sunday like a good Catholic boy, even though his mom is still in Boston and he’s in Chicago.




25191007 - two hot male models posing against studio background, one looking away and one pulling his suit's collar

In this photo, he’s the one on the left, and the other gentleman I’ve dubbed as Stan,  Raven’s on again/off again unofficial partner.  Either way, I agree with ZZ Top, there’s definitely something about a “sharp dressed man”.  I wouldn’t kick either of these men out of my bed for eating crackers.  (And best of all, they HAVE handcuffs!  Oops, my bad. Dakota got off track…lol)


4343441_mAnd since we’re talking about sexy, I couldn’t resist throwing out this picture as well. (Look at all those sleek lines, and view from one of the Wendella boat tours is spectacular – as I’ve learned from personal experience!)  As I mentioned earlier, Raven’s living and working in the Windy City, where his current case has somehow landed him on a Wendella Boat ride, being held at gunpoint by the “Ghost”  Some of things that Raven does for his work!  Makes me wish to be a fly on the wall as he extracts himself from this predicament.


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