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Hi everyone! Nona Raines here, and it’s my turn at Watercooler Wednesday, where we Nice Girls Writing Naughty catch you up with what’s happening in our lives.

Well, my life is pretty ordinary–most of my excitement comes through my writing, lol. But I have been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve been trying to make homemade ice cream. The challenge is I have no ice cream maker.

I read a recipe online about making sorbet using only frozen fruit and sweetened condensed milk, so I tried it. Using my food processor, I pulsed a 12 oz bag of frozen raspberries with approx. 2/3 can of condensed milk. The result tasted pretty good (but I forgot raspberries had so many seeds, lol) but got very hard when frozen. So that experiment was only so-so.

My next attempt involved whipping 8 oz of heavy cream and adding that to the concoction of frozen fruit and condensed milk. This time I skipped the berries and used frozen mango.  Pretty tasty, huh? Except I decided to be brave and use some spicy chile lime flavored mango. So I pulsed the fruit and condensed milk until the mixture was fairly smooth, then mixed in the whipped cream. The whipped cream made the concoction richer, but it was still pretty hard when frozen. The texture was more icy than creamy. And wow! That chile was spicy–a bit too much for my taste.  Chalk that up to another not quite successful experience.


After scouting around the internet, I learned that since fruit is mostly water, it tends to freeze hard. Somewhere it was suggested that added alcohol to the mix might make the mixture less icy. So I had to try! Ice cream and liquor–what could be bad, right?


My next attempt at homemade ice cream involved 12 oz frozen pineapple, 6  oz frozen mango (non spicy), condensed milk, whipped cream and coconut rum.  I added a quarter cup of the rum to the mix along with about 2/3 cup shredded coconut. Tasted very delicious. But once again the ice cream got pretty hard and the texture was more crumbly than creamy. So maybe I didn’t add enough alcohol? But I’m trying to satisfy my sweet tooth, not tie one on! So onward I go–in search of the perfect homemade without a machine ice cream recipe.

Have you ever made ice cream? What’s your recipe?

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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