Wild Water Cooler Wednesday

Hello all you super sexy people…and welcome to Wild Water Cooler Wednesday. I’m Leela Lou Dahlin and I write contemporary romance that’s spicy with a side car of sweet. Just recently I wanted to stretch my romance writing muscle and tried to figure out ways to do that. When a couple of friends of mine wanted to start a street team (a group of people who follow an author and help get the word out about her books while receiving first looks at their novels and prizes for contests) and they did. It’s on Facebook and it’s called Leela Lou’s Lovelies (catchy huh? I came up with it myself)


Leela Lou's Lovelies


One of my favorite authors is Tessa Bailey and in her group she writes stories about things that come to her mind. They are always hot and I wondered if I could do something like that but make it about the members of the group. It’s a thank you to anyone who wants to see themselves in a story and is a mental work out for me. The members give me a picture of the guy they want in their story and I ask them a few questions about themselves to make the story more personal. It’s gone over like wildfire and everyone is happy. The snippet story (that’s what I call them because they aren’t really long – usually a 4 part story) is done on our Frisky Friday but one Sexy Sunday I put it up on my blog—> HERE

From this stretching of mental muscle I’ve actually going to be making a series. So three of the members of the Lovelies will be getting their own full length story. There are so many ways that stories come to me but this has been the most fun. A woman in the group who is a writer and designer has made all the covers (which I’m not quite ready to let out of the bag) and this teaser.


Club Kink – Coming soon

So that’s a little about me and what I’m up to. A question for you…what is your favorites story line? I love this question. For me it’s Best Friend’s Older Brother  and Unrequited Love I don’t know why but those are my favorite. Annnnnnnddddd…..Go 😀

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