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Hi everyone, Nona here. Well, September’s here and it’s past Labor Day, but according to the calendar summer does not officially end until later this month. So, while we’re saying goodbye to summer, why not toast it with some delicious drinks?

Couple with martinis.

During the dog days of summer, a refreshing lemonade or an iced tea really hit the spot. A mimosa (orange juice and champagne) is a delicious brunch drink–hey, any excuse to drink champagne, am I right?  Now that summer’s winding down, maybe you prefer something different. For example a Cosmopolitan, as made famous by the gals from Sex in the City.

Speaking of sex, some drinks have names so sexy you might be too embarrassed to order them! Have you heard of the Buttery Nipple, the Leg Spreader, or the Menage a Trois?  Would you have the nerve to ask the bartender for a Climax?  How about The Full Monty?

Before he whips off his clothes, make sure you explain it’s a cocktail made of equal parts vodka and Galliano, garnished with ginseng (an aphrodisiac) 😉

But if you’re a shy type, maybe you’d rather play it safe and order a Shirley Temple. It’s non-alcoholic and fun for kids of all ages–just add a splash of grenadine and a maraschino cherry garnish to a glass of ginger ale.

Would you believe that some shameless character invented an adult version of the Shirley Temple with a naughty name to boot? SMH. Some people have no respect.

Speaking of sexy bartenders (weren’t we?), how about a snip from the first installment of my serial romance Not the Hot Chick?


Cam watched Jessi’s ass wiggle away, then turned to Layla. She didn’t realize she’d been gaping until he chucked her under the chin. “Close your mouth, little Layla.”

She snapped her mouth shut, not sure which startled her more—his touch or the fact he’d called her “little.” True, she was only five feet two, but no one had used that adjective for her since grade school.

“You’re cute,” Cam said. “You’re blushing. Like you’ve never seen two people arrange to hook up before.”

She was blushing, damn it. Her ears and cheeks were so hot, they must be bright red. Damn her fair skin, she could never hide her embarrassment about anything. She took after her mother that way, inheriting not only the fair Scandinavian complexion, but the blonde hair and blue eyes as well. Unfortunately, she got her body shape from her dad’s side of the family. “Sturdy peasant stock,” as Grandma Messner would say.

Trying to play it off and be nonchalant, she picked up her drink. “Sure I have.” Just never so blatantly, that’s all. In ten minutes he and Jessi would meet behind the building and…

“You really do have a car, don’t you?” Where the hell had that question come from?

He raised his eyebrows and gave her a look that was teasing and mysterious. “Do I?”

Okay, now he was just playing with her. “I mean, uh,” her face flamed again, “it’s, like, only thirty degrees out there.” The calendar might say it was spring, but tell that to the frigid winds off Lake Erie. “The two of you aren’t just going to—”

“Aren’t going to what? Have hot, nasty sex standing up against the building? Believe me, we won’t notice the temperature.”

Whoa. All right, that did sound hot. Flames licked through her as she pictured it. Trouble was, she wasn’t seeing Cam and Jessi going at it. In her mind, Cam was doing the deed with her, Layla. Her back scraping against the wall as he plunged into her. Her legs wrapped around Cam’s hips as they pumped back and forth. Her core rippling around his hard cock…

Oh, God, stop thinking about it. She gulped some of her martini to cool off.

“Doing it where you might get caught any minute,” Cam murmured as he rubbed a rag round and round in the same spot on the bar. Shit, could he tell what she was thinking? “The danger makes it even hotter.”

Layla had just taken another mouthful of her drink when Cam leaned in toward her. “Haven’t you ever had public sex, little Layla?”

She choked, the alcohol burning as it went down the wrong way. It wasn’t quite a spit take, but came close.

Cam’s teasing expression turned instantly into one of concern. “You all right? Take it easy, there.”

She coughed and shrank away when he made to pat her back. She was worked up enough without him touching her. “I’m good, thanks. I’m fine.” Tears sprang from her eyes.

He frowned. “You don’t look fine.” A moment later he placed a glass of water in front of her. “Drink some of this.”



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  1. Ginger Robertson says:

    Hi Nona
    I hope you are doing well this Saturday evening. I’m actually enjoying a chilled Coke with no extra in it. And I would be embarrassed to ask for any of those naughty drinks.

    I did enjoy reading the excerpt that you posted.


    1. Nona Raines says:

      Hi Ginger, enjoy that chilled Coke. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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