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Dani Wade here! Solar Uprising was supposed to have the summer off, but all kinds of drama ensued! From a new nanny and her obsessive stalker… to a broken man bent on revenge… to family loyalty gone horribly wrong…these rock stars now have to watch their backs. Who knew life could get even more complicated by love?

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Here’s a little taste of brothers Michael & Daniel from FINDING HER RHYTHM:

“So, is this the test? Or just an attempt to send Taylor screaming in terror?”

Michael turned a baleful look on his brother, who innocently picked up a stalk of celery and dipped it in cheese dip before lifting it to his smiling lips.

Reprimanding Daniel would get him nowhere.

Nor would it shut Daniel up. “I mean, you haven’t done of these little get-togethers since Claudia got bored with this crowd and moved on to other fish,” Daniel continued. “And second, can’t you tell what a good girl Taylor is?” His use of air quotes didn’t help Michael’s mood. “I’m surprised she didn’t hightail it to her room after one look at Scooter’s piercings.”

His shaggy blond hair vibrated with his shudder. “And that Roxie chick Nathaniel brought with him? Bim-bo.” His sotto voice was the last straw.

“Shut the hell up.”

Michael didn’t want to admit that he was testing Taylor. He’d started this whole thing in a moment of weakness, before he’d realized what a bad idea it was. He could see that Taylor was definitely the “girl next door” type, even if she had a little more spunk. And a lot more mystery.

Daniel always had been able to ferret out the things Michael would rather keep hidden. “So I set it up to see how she’d react,” he admitted, brushing it off. “If she can’t handle it…” Maybe she can’t handle me.

Having wandered around the serving island laden with party food, Michael now faced him from across the bar. Daniel flashed his famous lascivious leer. “Ooh, Michael’s gonna get some,” he teased before digging into a piece of chicken.

“Shut. It,” Michael snapped, looking around for the supersonic ears of his children. Then he mumbled, “I sure as hell hope so.”

Daniel laughed, then reached across for a fist bump. But Michael didn’t find any of this funny. He couldn’t purge the need sitting hot in his gut. Which meant he was probably making a helluva mistake.

“I’ve left the choice up to her.”

Daniel froze. “Whoa. Nothing like applying pressure, brother. Do you think that was wise?”

“No. Yes.” He scrubbed his hand over his hair. “Hell if I know.”

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Backstage Pass, Dani Wade, rock star romance


These rock stars have it all—fame, fortune and fantasy. But it won’t mean a thing without love.


The men of rock band Solar Uprising are on the hunt for very special women to share their fabulous lives—public and private. But they must also keep their ladies safe as they battle hidden enemies intent on destroying the band and all who love them.  Do you have your Backstage Pass?


Michael Korvello is a rock guitarist with the world at his feet—but he’d rather have his kids’ sweet, curvy  nanny there. That’s good, because one touch of his strong hands leaves Taylor Jemison’s body and heart craving submission to his commands. But to hold her, he must keep her safe from her past … and let go of his own.


Daniel Korvello, rock star front man, can have any woman—except the one he really wants. Becca Buchanan, the band’s publicist, has been burned before by rocker romance. But when Daniel exposes the molten heat beneath her Ice Maiden exterior, Becca may never be able to freeze him out again. Can he keep her safe long enough to prove that together they’ll sizzle in the sweetest of ways?


Sean Rosslair, Irish drummer, is now a US rock legend. One with a craving for control—and his new PA’s sultry voice and smokin’ BBW body demand he demonstrate just what happens to naughty girls. Meghan Adams finds herself begging for more of Sean’s discipline. But can he share all his erotic secrets before a hidden enemy puts him out of commission—permanently?

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