#WednesdayWaterCooler: Work & Writing

How do some authors do it?

So many authors, including many (if not all) of the Nice Girls Writing Naughty work full time and write.  How do they do it?

For me, at times it seems like an ongoing struggle to write at the end of a work day.  I hear some writers get up early to write…who are these people?

I am truly fascinated by how my fellow writers carve out time in their day to create.

At one point in my job, I took Friday’s off.  Initially, it was because my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I spent time with her on those days.  I was trying to create memories before she was gone.  Happily, she survived and is still with us.  And I still had Friday’s off.  I used it as my writing day.

That year I wrote four stories and published three.   I was very active in my online RWA chapter, I got my blog up and running and all in all, I considered the nine months of writing on Fridays, very successful.

About a year later, I had a new boss who felt I needed to be at the office more, so she could be at the lake. Three months after,  I applied for a new job and Fridays were work days once again.

I’m not saying writers need to have one day off a week to be prolific at writing, but it certainly helped me.  I’m trying to figure out how to get that same productivity back in a 5-day work week, with a month-end book balancing that feels like I live at the office,  at least the last week of the month…and maybe the first.

Don’t get me wrong…I love my job.  I just don’t find it stirs my creative juices the way writing does.   For one thing, I’m not a math person and my job has a lot of math.   In all reality, I’m much less busy in my personal life than I was four years ago when I had Fridays off.  My children have moved away, and my husband works away from home in the summertime, so I can take any weekend evening and make it Friday…sort of.

You see Saturday and Sunday are still my weekends.  And with the challenges that my job can hold in a week,  I really need one day for all the house stuff and then another day to re-energize.

When I took Fridays off, they were unpaid.  Maybe that motivated me to write more, handle the business end of writing, or I just felt like I should create more because I had a free day.

I have lofty goals for 2017.  It seems early to start planning it, but I love to plan.  I’ve become much more of a plotter in my current book…but that’s another blog.   I guess what I’m really trying to achieve is balance in all the things I love.

So my fellow writers…how do you find (or make) the time to write?

~Tina Holland

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