#WednesdayWatercooler: Binge TV

stranger-things-poster-fullWhat better to discuss around the watercooler than what we’re watching lately, right? I admit at first I didn’t “get” this whole trend toward binge watching. I was too busy to spend an entire weekend (or week) watching all the seasons of a particular show! But now that many more shows are appearing on Netflix, I’m able to watch (or rewatch) two or three episodes and do what I call “filling the well” — i.e. feeding my creativity by consuming something creative. 🙂

So what is my latest binge? The Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

This series is a bit of a flashback for me. The vibe is part Goonies, part X-Files. I keep expecting Mulder and Scully to show up on the screen, or the Cigarette Smoking Man. The group of kids that make up the core of the cast are cute geeks who love Dungeons and Dragons and ride their bikes around the neighborhood together — my husband says it’s exactly like his childhood. :p And yet there’s a spooky Stephen King-type paranormal activity and… Well, I can’t tell you all of it! You have to check it out for yourself.

Anyone else watching this series? What about something else — what do you like to binge watch when you have some free time? Naughty minds want to know… 🙂

~ Ella

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