Teaser Tuesday – Release Day! Release Day! The Charmed Bracelet

The Charmed BraceletToday is the day!  Today is the day!  I’m so excited.  The Charmed Bracelet is release into the world for your enjoyment, Dear Reader.  And for Teaser Tuesday, I figured I’d give you a snippet of the story by Rachel Wilder and I, called “Lost and Found.”

* * *

It looked like any corporate conference room, and Shannon suppressed her disappointment. She’d half expected an interrogation cell like on a cop show, complete with one-way glass and a little ring fused into the table for the handcuffs.

On the other hand, since her imagination was doing its best to freak her out, this was probably better.

“Thanks for coming down to meet with me.” The detective held out his hand. “I’m Detective Delgado; we met last night.”

She nodded. “I remember.” His hand was warm and dry. Little prickles went up her arm, and she released him, wishing she could rub her palm without looking like she was, well, rubbing off his handshake. Or cherishing it.

He beamed at her and then motioned to a chair. “Please, have a seat. You seemed shaken up last night.”

“Yeah.” She swallowed. “Pretty unexpected.”

He sat opposite her and flipped open a pristine manila folder. Then he set that to the side and pulled a white legal pad from under the stack. “Start at the beginning. Tell me, in your own words, what happened.”

She surprised a sudden urge to giggle and blurt out, “Who else’s words would I use?” but she managed to control herself. What was with her?

He was as hot as her memory told her. Talk about distracting. Why couldn’t he look like Serpico and smell like old cigars?

* * *

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