Saucy Saturday in Savannah

Places have a vibe –
We can attribute it to history, culture, architecture, or the spirit of the people who inhabit it, but all places have a feel that seeps into us to enhance our mood. In the same way, a sexy setting sets the stage for stories of love and lust in a way that gives them a delicious edge.

savannah, georgia, saucy saturday, sexy settings

One city I’ve always felt was a romantic, sexy place is Savannah, Georgia – even before I had the chance to visit there a couple of years ago. I felt it so much that I’m setting 7 future stories there – 2 series about sexy southern women and their search for Mr. Right-both in the bed and out!

Savannah is definitely an old world vibe, which only makes it sexier to me. A history of hot summer nights and secretly liaisons has seeped into its soil… Not to mention gorgeous scenery and rich, decadent food. But why don’t you judge for yourself…

savannah, georgia, southern cities, sexy settings, pub, Dani Wade


Savannah, Georgia, southern cities, sexy settings, Dani Wade


Savannah, Georgia, southern cities, sexy settings, old churches


Savannah, GA, sexy settings, southern cities, Savannah after dark, Dani Wade


What’s your favorite Sexy Setting? We always need ideas for places to go…



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