Wicked, Wanton Water Cooler Wednesday…are we cool for the summer?

Okay, so welcome to a seriously cool new feature of the NGWN website: Watercooler Wednesday!

As I was thinking of my personal inaugural post for this feature, I was thinking about the guidelines they gave me for it. “Talk about things you’d discuss at the water cooler at work.” Well, I have to be honest…before I started writing full-time, I came from the world of hospitality sales & marketing, where even our water cooler discussions were rather raunchy…

“Keep it clean, Angel…keep it clean!”

Or so I kept trying to tell myself.

So I thought, wellll…summer music. There’s something pretty innocuous…

Until you think about what my favorite summer song is. Yeah, you guessed it: Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer.

“I hate that song!”–said nobody, ever.

So…I’m rolling with it, gang. Here’s wicked, wild me, standing at the water cooler…dishin the girls I would totally make that song come to life with. And how about you? If you had the summer to “explore” a bit for the other team, who’d be on your Cool for the Summer list? Comment below, and it’ll be worth your while…I’ll randomly pick a commenter to receive a $15 Amazon gift card!

Angel’s List:


DEMI LOVATO…is a list like this even possible without shouting out to the queen of the song? Besides, I met her once at Disneyland, and she was adorable and sweet–but more than that, she has been so real about the adversities she faced as a victim of bullying, and come back from that. A true heroine. Love her!





OLIVIA MUNN…long before “Channing my Tatum” or the X-Men, there was “Newsroom”–and I was in love. I’d swap spit with her in the hopes some of her incredible wit and brains rub off. 





RACHEL BLOOM…because nobody, nobody, NOBODY is a better “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” than this, and makes me crave boba slushes, Broadway tunes, a fish on my wall and a bartender named Greg more than this effin’ TALENTED woman. Let’s go OUT, woman…I’ll even put myself through “The Sexy Gettin’ Ready Song”…but only if you lick your Golden Globe statue again.




ANGELINA JOLIE…is the list complete without her?? The eyes. The lips. The confidence. The goddess. (And if I’m lucky, she’ll invite Brad to watch…)





KEIRA KNIGHTLEY…she had me at “Bend it Like Beckham,” but I was truly smitten when “Pirates” came along. I’m not sure if it’s the accent, the eyes, or the ‘tude, but I’m in solid girl crush.



KATE MCKINNON…the highlight of my SNL binges. How could you NOT want to make out with a woman who can pull off Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber, Scarlett Johansson, and a chain-smoking UFO abductee who describes a little green man feel-up better than anyone in any galaxy? 


5 thoughts on “Wicked, Wanton Water Cooler Wednesday…are we cool for the summer?

  1. Amber Mize says:

    I have a feeling Kate McKinnon would keep me in STITCHES. I’ve got a thing for Adele, though. Classic beauty.. (and seems super fun as well).

    And then there’s always Sheryl Crow… who can wear leather pants like nobody else.

    1. Angel Payne says:

      Sheryl Crow!! Good one!!!

  2. Madelina says:

    I’d have to say that I really had to think on this one and what I came up with kind of made me laugh because it reminded me of what little Miss Bookworm me had on her bucket list in the younger years. I had wanted to try out for Playboy. lol So with that in mind, I would have to say Aliyah Wolf. That woman can do smolder and I used her as inspiration for a character. I’d have to agree with you on Angie (who’d pass up on that? lol) I can see why you said Olivia Munn. Good call.
    Maggie Q because who doesn’t want a hot looking, ass kicking babe with brains? Adriana Lima, gorgeous, tough (I see a trend here) and of course brains with the beauty. I bet I could keep going if I give it some more thought, oh yeah, Playboy model Buffy Tyler, just because I think she’s gorgeous too. Such a shallow creature I’m being! lol I may come back to this list because this is fun! I don’t recall ever giving this thought like that. I see a book idea in this somewhere! Thanks!

    1. Angel Payne says:

      OMG these are GREAT suggestions!!! Love them!

  3. Tina B says:

    At the top of my list would be Julia Roberts! I LOVE her laugh and she seems like she’d be really sweet. I’d love to say Christina Aguilera, but about 5-10 years ago. Now, she wears entirely too much makeup for me. Like maybe in her “dirty” days. 😉
    Olivia Munn has some serious sex appeal, in my opinion.
    Emilia Clarke, because who wouldn’t want the “Queen of Dragons”?
    That’s all that I can think of for now.
    Great topic, Angel!!

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