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Keeper comment

In our series, the Persis Chronicles, Rachel and I created a universe where Keepers, short for “housekeepers,” are prized helpmeets who can command a high salary for their work.

One too many days dusting and doing laundry, two jobs that seem to create themselves if left alone for five minutes.

As we get our heads together to finish the draft of the third book in the series, Sapphire Dream, I figured I’d share a little Teaser Tuesday fun with you:

They got underway after the Winds stilled.  Sami sat next to Cheula, concentrating on the track.  The swoosh and rustle of the sandsail lulled Cheula.  He stirred finally, and craned around to look up at Sami.  “You hungry?”

“I could snack on sommat,” the Driver admitted.  “We’re a quarter hour out from the Oasis, though.”

“I can get you some seeds,” Cheula decided.  He crawled around Sami’s legs and stood in the back of the sail, holding onto the rail for balance.

He turned to say something and a large green mass flew at him so fast he couldn’t duck.  It landed in the center of his chest and he felt a prick against his skin.  Then he saw what it was.

A leaper.

He screamed, a high-pitched sound that hurt his throat, and flailed.  The leaper, startled, clutched his robes and flared its wings, clicking.  That only made it worse.  He tried to get his silks off and let go the railing.

Sami turned.  “What’s wrong?”

The sail belled out and the craft leaped forward.  Cheula, off balance, flailed and missed the railing.

“Cheula!” Sami cried.


You can check out the world of the Persis Chronicles with Emerald Fire and Emerald Keep, available now.  Watch for Sapphire Dream, coming soon!

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings

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