Sexy in Suits #SaucySaturday

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Nice Girls Writing Naughty inaugural Saucy Saturday post! Every Saturday one of us Nice Girls will bring some sexy to Saturday and brighten up your weekend. 🙂 I’m Nona Raines and my saucy theme today is men in suits. Whether he’s a CEO, a billionaire or a rags-to-riches wunderkind, hot heroes in suits set romance readers’ hearts all aflutter.

So what makes a man in a suit so sexy?

Is it the confidence he exudes?


Is it the aura of wealth and power surrounding him?



Is it because he wears his suit so well?



Or is it because we want to tear it off him?



Have a Saucy Saturday, everyone!
Nona Raines


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2 thoughts on “Sexy in Suits #SaucySaturday

  1. Tina Christopher says:

    Ohhh! Love this! For me it’s the combination of sleek sophistication and pure power that works so well for me;).

  2. Dani Wade says:

    Yum! I see so few sexy men in a suit, that one makes me want to literally swoon! Thanks for the sexy addition!!

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