Water Cooler Wednesday – Leela Edition

Happy Water Cooler Wednesday. This is the day you’ll get to find out a little more about each of the authors of Nice Girls Writing Naughty. I have a few things to tell you about me. I could tell you that I work during the day as a RN Case Manager with high risk pregnant moms with an insurance company, or I could tell you that I have five children ranging from a 20 year old to 13 year old twins, but…..

I work from my home. So while I travel to see members I don’t really get to talk to my colleagues except through IM and I really have something to talk about that would go over great if I actually had a watercooler to hang out with. . I went to the Beyonce concert in Pittsburgh last night and it was amazing. I like a few of her songs and I find her entertaining but I was at the concert for my daughters.There are a lot of people saying this or that about the woman from what she sings about to how she does her childs hair, but I’m not going to go into that. I want to tell you the 6 things that ran through my mind as I watched the dynamo preform for a very full stadium.


  1. It had to be very difficult going through all those dance moves as hot as it was and for as long as she did it.
  2. How does she keep her leotard from going between her cheeks? I was only dancing in the crowd and my intimate apparel wanted to move into places that made me adjust.
  3. She is very grateful. Beyonce thanked us several times for coming and it felt so earnest. You’d have thought we showed up to her back yard amateur show and did her a favor by watching her moves.
  4. She put in a good deal of time and resources to make that show AHH…mazing
  5. I thought up so many story lines as I watched her and the show that I know one of my next heroines will be a pop singer with happy tunes and sad eyes.
  6. She was very inspiring in her words and lyrics.  (I’ma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves)


Picture taken at the concert.

My latest book is about a One Last Fling is the story of a Billionaire who has to be married by his 30th birthday or he loses his inheritance and a event planner, Daisy, who is trying to save her family from financial ruin. What’s the catch you ask? No one can know who the billionaire is until the wedding day. Good luck Daisy…game on.

Front Cover OLF


The biggest take away from the Lemonade concert is how good appreciate feels and I am going to try my very hardest to make sure that the people I show my gratitude feel it as hard as I did when Ms. Bey showed it to me. Have an awesome day and make sure you give someone a smile today. Hugs, love and blessings to you all.






3 thoughts on “Water Cooler Wednesday – Leela Edition

  1. Lara Archer says:

    You got see her in concert?? I’m so jealous.

    Beyonce is a goddess on earth–and I love the way she’s been opening up more and more about issues that really matter in her life. Lemonade just blew the top of my head off.

    1. It’s awesome to see her music move to more meaningful topics. The crowd was amazing and she is a fantastic preformer.

  2. Nona Raines says:

    What a great event! It’s wonderful to know Beyonce has an attitude of gratitude–I think it’s something we all need more of. I am looking forward to your pop singer story! Isn’t it awesome how ideas come to us writers! 🙂

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