Teaser Tuesday: Behind The Scars by Dani Wade

There’s no better place to debut my newest hero, Daire Rousseau, then on the Nice Girls Writing Naughty Teaser Tuesday – because this boy is all tease! And he loves driving Kate McIntyre crazy.

Behind the Scars, Dani Wade, Teaser Tuesday

Here’s a snippet from BEHIND THE SCARS, Small Town Secrets Book 2 – available today on Amazon for only $.99.
Those sure steps led him straight to her, propping his delicious hind end on the bar stool across the counter. She felt Brianna come up beside her and worked really hard to control her reaction to this big hunk of male. It’d been easy when he was just window dressing that showed up for dinner and a beer, but now that she knew exactly what it felt like to have those full lips devouring hers and that hard body pressing down on her, her body wanted to flip out in his presence.

Not happening. Not. Happening.

He grinned, that sexy smile teasing her, hinting that he knew of the conflict inside her. “Hey, sweetheart. I’ve missed you today.”

Nearby, Kate’s youngest sister froze. Kate could just see the glass she’d been about to set on the bar hang in mid-air, not moving as she replayed what Daire had just said in her mind. Those were not the words of a casual acquaintance. Even if they’d had little meaning, the intimate tone girding them took the grouping of letters to a whole other level.

When Kate threw a quick glance sideways, Brianna’s expression told her she had come to the same conclusion. Getting rid of her little sister would be impossible now. Kate glared openly at Daire for a moment, until he parted those luscious lips once more.

“Sorry, hon, was I not supposed to be quite so forward in front of the family? Oops.”

Smart ass. Of course, his words told her sister everything she thought she wanted to know. The family was intimately familiar with Kate’s independence and wouldn’t put it past her to keep a new man secret. Which was exactly what this looked like.

Brianna set the glass down in front of Daire with a big grin. “What will you have?”

His answer was lost in the roar of white noise in her ears. But as Brianna rushed off to fulfill his highness’s wishes, Kate leaned over the bar.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she hissed from between clenched teeth. Her anger was a combination of being sidelined by something she couldn’t control and from the truth: She wished she could have a fling with Daire and she would have kept it secret from her family. Damn him.

“Just hangin’ out. I can do that here, right?” That mischievous grin drove her to grind her teeth. “This is a pub, isn’t it?”
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Everyone in a small town has secrets, but Kate McIntyre’s have followed her home.

When a student’s admiration for her takes a dark turn, Kate turns to a hometown hero for help and protection. Ex-Green Beret Daire Rousseau knows the face of evil all too well–and he’ll do anything to keep it from this pretty redhead. Can they trust each other to look behind the scars that define them?

Kate McIntyre, college art teacher and sculptor, holds people at a distance. That’s how she copes with her internal and external scars, after a car wreck that left her fighting for her life. Art is her only outlet for sensuality–until Daire returns to Cadence, TN.

She’s shocked by how much she wants the sexy, silent veteran, and crushed when after one drunken embrace, he pushes her away. But when she realizes she has a stalker, Daire is the man she wants at her side.

Daire Rousseau may have been born to wealth, but he grew up a loner, shuffled off to boarding schools after his mother’s death. He joined the Army to prove he was more a man than his father, and found a close-knit band of brothers. But after being captured and tortured by the enemy, he’s fighting a new war–battling to get back to the man he was. And afraid his scars will never let him forget. Convinced his battered body and psyche will repulse an innocent beauty like Kate, he pushes her away. Until the only way to keep her safe is to stay by her side day and night.

Come back to Cadence, TN–where secrets can be deadly. Get your copy of BEHIND THE SCARS today!

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