Zanzibar Chocolate, the Naughtiest Ice Cream in the Midwest – and a Thank You!

2016-04-30 Zanzibar

Do you like chocolate?  Yeah, me too.  It’s a naughty pleasure, since it’s generally not calorie-free.  But, Dear Reader, now is not the time to start counting calories, or if you must, then have a salad for the rest of the day because this stuff is decadent.  And since I’ve caught the Cold From Hell, I could use some ice cream to soothe my throat.  So without further ado, I introduce…

Zanzibar Chocolate

If you like chocolate, and particularly dark chocolate, you will LOVE this ice cream.  It’s the single best chocolate ice cream I’ve had anywhere in the country.  I haven’t been to Belgium, the international home of fine chocolate, so maybe they have some that will beat it, but this stuff is ah-may-zing.  Srsly.

PLUS, they’re not a Chicago native, they’re from Wisconsin – the home of dairy. I love their tagline:  “You want nutrition, eat carrots.”  They have several locally-owned locations here in the area close to me, but they also have independently-owned ice cream shops that carry it in other parts of the country; you can see if one is near you by visiting their site, here.

And so, my very Dear Reader, the A to Z Challenge has come to a close.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your sojourn here with the Nice Girls, and we sure hope you’ll poke around and find something that piques your interest.  We have a brand new website, and so we’re actively adding and expanding and tweaking and fixing it up for you.  Because after all, Nice Girls Read Naughty – and we’ve got lots for you to read.

And remember, May 9th is the A to Z Reflections Post Day, and the Linky List is open from May 9 to May 13.  Keep an eye on the main A to Z Blog Challenge page for more info and updates, and of course come back here on the 9th for my reflections on my various posts.  Also, if you’ve visited me and I haven’t responded or visited back, please forgive me; I’ve had a nasty cold and do plan to catch up to everyone over the coming days, I promise!

I’m A. Catherine Noon, one of the Nice Girls Writing Naughty, signing off from Chicago for the A to Z Challenge.  Thanks for staying with us!


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