A to Z Challenge: R is for Rope…with a contest


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So once again, I’m back and this time I got the lovely letter R.  Which of course in my one track mind, can only be for the word ‘rope’. (Come on I write BDSM and bondage books – would you think it would be something else.  :P)  But all kidding aside,  I absolutely love rope.  It is such a versatile tool.  It’s used a million different ways, from hanging clothes on, to holding up sails on massive sailboats.  But for this post, I’m talking about the more sensual side of rope; because in the right hands rope can be more than just a versatile tool – it can make a person feel safe and let them fly at the same time. (Speaking from experience here…lol)


There’s something about the way it feels, smells and more importantly looks when it’s wrapped around a body can be both sensual and erotic.  And before you say, wait Dakota…isn’t a bit confining…let me assure you it doesn’t have to be.  Some rope bottoms can float away even from the most basic of rope harnesses. The world of rope bondage is wide and varied from body hugging harnesses that leave the arms and legs free to complete suspension.  Don’t believe me check out some of the pics below. I’ve selected a several of my favorites from my library to share.  (Nothing wrong with a little bondage in the morning, right?) *giggles*



man rope 6169397_s 


man diamondman web

Pretty sexy huh?   So here comes the fun part – the contest! I’m always looking for new rope eye candy. Post your favorites in the comments (along with your email address, so I can contact you if you win) and be entered to win a swag pack from yours truly and a $10 gift certificate to your favorite e-book retailer. 😀   I’ll be back later to pick the winner. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: R is for Rope…with a contest

  1. Tina B says:

    I love rope play!! It’s so beautiful to me. I would love to try it sometime too. 😉

    I love seeing bound arms.


    It won’t let me post an image.:/

    Trb0917 at gmail . Com

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