A to Z Blog Challenge, NGWN Style!



Today’s letter is Q–for QUICKIES!

Hey…they don’t call us the Nice Girls Writing Naughty for nothing! And what better way to say “I love you” and “I want you” than with an amazing round of hot, dirty love in your favorite illicit spot? (Ava and Gideon on the nightclub observation deck, anyone?)

What are some of YOUR quickie spots? Personally, I’m not picky…but favorites that I’ve actually featured in books have included…

–In the elevator

–On the beach

–In the wine cellar

–In the back seat (of the limo, of course!)

–In the fashion store dress shop


And my all-time favorite, from the WILD Boys series: in the ladies room on Air Force One! (Yeah, I seriously went there…and it was fffuuunnn…)


Share your own favorite “hot and quick” spots for a chance to win a signed copy of the WILD Boys book in which the Air Force One scene is included: SURRENDERING TO HER SERGEANT! Winner will be randomly selected from all thread responses, and picked at the end of the month. Cannot WAIT to hear your answers!

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