It’s A – Z Blog Challenge Month, with the letter J – for Jillin’!

And now, courtesy of the Nice Girl in the corner…


Okay, so we’ve all heard of jacking off, right? And who doesn’t appreciate a hot romance hero, thinking of the woman he can’t have, and…errrmmm…taking care of business himself? Well, welcome to the 21st century, girls—and the age of the awesome jill-off.

sexyjill1I do remember that this is a blog about books, so let’s bring it back to home base and get more specific. While a fantastic jack-off is probably one of my favorite things to read, it’s just as much fun when writers get creative with the heroine getting to have her own “special kind of fun” in the same way—especially if the fantasy she’s having along with it is a hot, horny, get-down-to-business escapade with the hero that makes me wish he was still in the same room, too. And let’s not forget the most awesome of all jill-off excuses: phone sex.

Do you agree? Where have you read these kinds of scenes, and do they turn you on just as much as a “normal” encounter? Post thoughts and even fun examples below, for your chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card PLUS a free e-copy of NO PRINCE CHARMING, a book that is near and dear to my heart for many reasons—including one pretty fun jillin’-off scene (written by my amazing writing partner, Victoria Blue).

Have fun, my fellow Jillies. Go forth today…and be a proud Jill.

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