The A-Z Challenge-H for Handsome Hunky Heroes

Hello, hello, thank you for stopping by for the Nice Girls Writing Naughty A-Z Challenge. I’m Tina Christopher and my letter is H.

I didn’t have to think very long. Handsome, hunky heroes pretty much rolled off my tongue immediately;).












Obviously the hero is key for any story I write. I usually have a pretty good idea about who he is or what he does when I start to write a story, but sometime I need to research…

mechanic 4











I know, it’s quite the chore, but I manage to bear it.

Once in a while I need to check a detail or two. Thank goodness the internet is incredibly helpful.

sexy mechanic 1

sexy mechanic 2










What can I say? I love a handsome, hunky hero. How about you?

candy 1

3 thoughts on “The A-Z Challenge-H for Handsome Hunky Heroes

  1. Yeah, I think its tough doing so much research but excellent results I think. 😉

    1. Tina Christopher says:

      I’m g;ad someone appreciates my hard work;).

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