F is for Furry and Fuzzy! A to Z Challenge, Day 6

Hello, friends. Nona Raines here. I’m so happy to be here at the *new* Nice Girls Writing Naughty Blog doing my bit for the April A – Z Challenge. My letter today is F, which stands for furry and fuzzy. Those words perfectly describe the four legged friends who share my home.


Sam, the heroine of my new adult romance No Promises, is a vet tech who rescues feral cats and tries to outsmart a bossy stray named Big Boy. She also falls for Rick, the sexy paramedic who helps her.

While I don’t have as much experience in the field as Sam, I have a few stories of my own. All my pets have come from the Humane Society, a rescue group or are ones I’ve found on my own. I’d like to share a story about one of them today.

This story is about Topaz, my funny tortoise shell cat.



As I was driving one day, a tiny animal raced in front of my car and across two lanes of traffic. It didn’t look like a squirrel or a skunk and for a few moments I debated over whether to stop. But I pulled over and went looking for what I suspected was a kitten.

This was a four lane highway passing farmland and pastures. I don’t know if the kitten was “dropped off” by some creep who thought cats can just survive in the wild or if it was a barn kitten that wandered off on its own. Either way, I found it curled up along the divider. It was frightened of me and as soon as I approached, it scurried across the other two lanes. Luckily, there was no traffic coming that way.

By another stroke of luck, I had just gone shopping and had a bag of cat food in the car. I grabbed some and put it on the ground where she was huddled near the culvert. She was hungry. When I tried to pet her, she was afraid to let me touch her. But she didn’t go too far–the food was too tempting. I waited until she was eating again, took my hat off my head and scooped her up in it! Success! I carried her to my car, gave her more food, and took her home.

Poor baby. She was so tiny. Her tail was smaller than my pinky. It took her a few days to stop being frightened of me, but once she got to know me, we got along beautifully. She’s now a big girl and a real love bug.

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Thanks everyone, and have a F-for-Fabulous Day!

Nona Raines


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