A to Z Challenge: D is for Dads

It’s nowhere near Father’s Day, but I happen to be getting on an airplane in a couple days to join lots of family and friends in celebrating my Dad’s birthday (his 80th!!). So I soon as I saw I had the letter D, I just had to go with Dad. Dads are an awesome force in our lives–assuming they’re good ones, which mine always has been. They protect us, nurture us, challenge us to grow strong. They serve as models for the kinds of men we choose for ourselves when we grow up, and (hopefully) make us choose men who’ll treat us with kindness, support, and respect.

Of course, our blog focuses on spicy romance, so today I’m going to do a little appreciation of how fatherhood takes already hot men and makes them….well, even hotter.

Hot Dads. There’s nothing quite like ’em.

There’s Hugh Jackman, of course, who loves to run around with his kids on the beach–meaning lots of shirtless shots for the rest of us to enjoy. But those muscles are more than beefcake. Just last week, a rip tide caught his son and two other people, and Hugh did what good dads do: he swam straight into the path of danger and got them all out. And looked fabulous doing it.

And have you seen huge Chris Hemsworth cuddling his tiny baby daughter? All that power, turned to pure gentleness.

Then there’s the ultimate Hot Dad: David Beckham. He doesn’t just look fabulous hanging out with his kids–it’s clear he adores them.



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