Z is for…Zed.

Whether your alphabet concludes with Zee, Zed, or Zeta they all signal one thing.  The final entry to this wonderfully fun series of blogs which have encompassed the entire alphabet and now I’m sad to say is at…

The End.

Those two magical words we as authors strive to reach, and in which we as readers gleefully continue to nurse our love/hate relationship.

Love – because we all laugh, scream, and cry along with the hero and heroine and ultimately can’t wait for them to get their Happily Ever After.

Hate – because once that moment has arrived, you’ve reached the end of the book, and you’re no longer a part of “their” world.

The End.

With a deep sigh, both authors and readers will wipe their happy tears, and begin the search…for the next story.

Because I can’t resist a little hottie action, I’m going to leave you with a favorite shot of “The End ” of Shemar Moore. 🙂

The End

Everyone has a favorite book they wished would never end.   What was yours?

6 thoughts on “Z is for…Zed.

  1. Ginger Robertson says:

    Indeed….Z is for zeed. I haved loved reading your posts for the different letters in the alphabet…..entertaining

    1. neselane says:

      Love that you’ve enjoyed them Ginger. It’s wonderful to have someone say so. Stay tuned to NGWN, we tend to get a little rowdy, but we’re always lots of fun!

  2. SusanJPOwens says:

    ~Nodding~ The love/hate relationship with a fantastic story ending is so true!
    I have too many favorite authors to list them all, but there are several of them with N&N! 🙂

    1. neselane says:

      That’s great to hear Susan! Hopefully those “nice girls” will keep you coming back for those fantastic endings. 🙂

  3. Nona Raines says:

    LOL, Nese, loved your pic of Shemar! Yes, “the end” of a book often leaves me as a reader sighing with happiness at the characters’ HEA yet feeling a bit sad that the story is over. Bittersweet.

    1. neselane says:

      Thanks, Nona! He’s just all kinds of yummy.

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