"K" is for…Kismet


Hello everyone…it’s me, Leela Lou Dahlin, and I was handed the letter ‘K’ for the A to Z Challenge. There were so many words I could have chosen for this letter. I could have said K was for– Kiss, Kill your darlings or Kinky but I chose to go with Kismet.

I love the word kismet for a lot of reasons, but I’ll share the top two. First, people don’t really use it often and although I thought I knew what it meant, I didn’t have the exact definition.

Kismet -When you encounter something by chance that seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kismet, your destiny.

That’s pretty much what I thought it meant but now if someone asks me then I’ll know for sure I’m explaining it the right way. The second reason I am so fond of this word is because kismet is what most of us authors work into our romance novels and for me it’s how my life seems to play out.

So what about you? Do things seem to work into your life Kismet style…or do you think this whole concept is nonsense?


Sexy Picture of the DayBreathlessBecause I had to find a way to throw kiss in there too 🙂

5 thoughts on “"K" is for…Kismet

  1. A. Catherine Noon says:

    Yum! I like your kiss. 🙂 And I adore the idea of kismet and I see it everywhere. I think it’s something that helps us make connections and is the Universe’s way of showing off.

  2. I do love this word. Great choice for today’s A-Z post!

    1. leelalou says:

      That’s why you are full of awesomesauce, Terri… Thanks for commenting.

  3. Nona Raines says:

    Hi Leela, your choice for K is so interesting and unusual. I’ll admit I’m not one to believe much in unseen forces like fate or destiny, but it sure does make you wonder how some things seem to work out perfectly. 🙂

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