I is for Image…

NGWNAprilAtoZeditedThanks for joining us NGWN gals once again.  I’m Dakota and today, it’s my turn to take a whirl at this A to Z blogging – and with my luck I got a vowel…the beautiful, wonderful “I”.   Of course being who I am, I immediately thought of ice and all the wonderfully kinky things you can do with it – however I promised to keep this clean…so that sent me scurrying for another word.  Then I remembered reading a post on Facebook about this UK lingerie company (Curvy Kate) who was looking for more natural models to model their sexy underthings. Of course I had to click the link.  I had to see what brave ladies entered.  (As a larger than average woman, I couldn’t help but applaud their gusto.  They had to have a great self  image to put themselves out there.)

So today, I checked back. I wanted to see if the lovely Sophia – the beautiful woman I voted for had won or not.  To my surprise, she did!  Was she the skinniest of the models they featured? No.  I’d even say that she was one of the larger women that made the finals.  Maybe it was the confidence she exuded, I don’t know but I was immediately drawn to her.  I picked her out of this line up….she’s the fifth from the right on Star In Bra’s banner.   But what really got me was Sophia’s response when they asked why she entered the contest.  She has a wonderful self image.

I finally have the confidence and would love to model for Curvy Kate.. I used to have so many body hang ups, hated my size and wanted to change myself. But as I get older I’m realising it’s all about self love and treating your body like the temple it is!

Wow. If those aren’t truer words ever spoken.  We all come in different shapes and sizes – and despite our differences, we all deserve to have a great self-image!

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I couldn’t resist slipping in this picture of Sophia.  It’s my favorite.  I sure hope she enjoys her trip to Portugal.


7 thoughts on “I is for Image…

  1. Lara Archer says:

    I just saw that picture this morning, and am so glad to see more “real” bodies being celebrated. Sophia is beautiful!

    1. dakotatrace says:

      Most definitely. I think young girls need more of this – than Barbies.


  2. Nona Raines says:

    This was a great post, Dakota. So many of us think we’ll be happy when we can just lose 10 pounds (or do something else to change ourselves). Loving and accepting ourselves can be the biggest challenge of all.

    1. dakotatrace says:

      Yes it can be a challenge. I’m trying to cut a bit of weight but it’s not because society says I should. It’s for health reasons and I want to be around for my kids.


  3. leelalou says:

    What an awesome contest. I wish I could have voted but it probably wouldn’t have made a difference because I would have picked the same person. Tried to figure out why she stood out from the rest and I think it’s because she was fully facing forward with her hands out of the way so you could see everything. There is another woman who is fully facing forward but her hand is in front of her stomach like she was a bit more guarded.

    I’m so proud of all these women for standing up in their skivvies and letting the world see. Big or small that’s hard to do. Brava 🙂

  4. Angel Payne says:

    Loved the crap out of this!

  5. Fabulous story! I love her response! Thanks for sharing!

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