E Is For…Easter!

Or any holiday really. But yesterday was Easter, and I was able to spend some time with family and simply relaxing for a change. Anyone who knows an author knows we have a tendency to become workaholics. So holidays are good for me.

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Because I happen to love Peep Humor!

But its a wonderful reminder that, as much as I enjoy creating stories for others, those stories will never happen if I don’t ever LIVE. So its important that authors step away from the work every once in a while and have some fun, meet some people, do something new! Refill the Well, I call it.

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Readers are the same way. Before I was an author, I was a voracious reader! That’s what started me on this path. But I often felt guilty about whiling away the hours with a good book when there was so much that needed to be done. But readers have a well too! It needs refilling, and what better vacation than a few hours in a book, right?

So today, let’s talk relaxation. What’s your favorite way to slow down and refill your well?

Dani Wade


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6 thoughts on “E Is For…Easter!

  1. A. Catherine Noon says:

    For me, it’s a visit to a zoo, park, or museum. Even the water (here it’s Lake Michigan, other places the ocean). Getting out of my daily round helps me chill out. Also taking one day a week to stay in pajamas and fart around the house has become necessary. 🙂

    1. Dani Wade says:

      But going somewhere requires putting on decent clothes and makeup… 😛

  2. Nona Raines says:

    Hi Dani. You’re so right about refilling the well. I too love to read. I also watch TV, love old movies and goof around on the web–maybe a little too much. Of course, there are always the dog and cats to snuggle with, too. 🙂

    1. Dani Wade says:

      I love movies too-my go to is horror movies.

  3. Stephen Tremp says:

    It’s always sleep. Each and every time. I’m a great napper.

  4. Lara Archer says:

    Spring break for me this week!!! Went swimming with the little guy and just enjoyed the water. It’s so important to dial down the volume now and then!

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