Teaser Tuesday-Guest Naima Simone

Dani Wade, Naima Simone, Bachelor's Promise, Teaser Tuesday
Please welcome a Guest Teaser Tuesday by the fabu Naima Simone! You can find out more about Naima’s hot, hot books at her website: http://www.naimasimone.com/  And because I couldn't choose between the 2 super awesome excerpts she sent me for THE BACHELOR'S PROMISE, you get a bonus excerpt today at the end of the post!!!     Excerpt 1: “What exactly do you...
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Saucy Saturday-The Sexy Parts

Man and woman lips wants to kiss
It’s not what you think…promise! Oh, who am I kidding? If you’re hangin’ out with me, Dani Wade, then you probably have as dirty a mind as I do. :) There are certain things I’ve always found particularly sexy—parts that aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind for some people when you say “sexy hero”. For instance, I’ve always had a thing for hands, especiall...
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#Teaser Tuesday From Prussia With Love

  From Prussia With Love by Tina Christopher Clara Redbeck has one goal: to prove to the sods at work—and to herself—that the best man for the job can be a woman. To do that, she must prevent a traitor from blowing London to bits. If only the dashing first mate of the dirigible she’d been tasked to plunder didn’t set her aflame. Garrett Dewhurst has one goal: ...
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Saucy Saturday – Poker Face

Happy Saturday!  Noony here, with some Noos and a sneak peak.  First, The Noos:  Join me and your other favorite authors over at the Romance Studio's End of Summer Bash.  You can enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card, prizes from authors, and read lots of great posts.  The party is open through tomorrow, so be there! As for "Saucy Saturday," our new feature here at the Ni...
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Wild Water Cooler Wednesday

Hello all you super sexy people...and welcome to Wild Water Cooler Wednesday. I'm Leela Lou Dahlin and I write contemporary romance that's spicy with a side car of sweet. Just recently I wanted to stretch my romance writing muscle and tried to figure out ways to do that. When a couple of friends of mine wanted to start a street team (a group of people who follow an author and h...
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#TeaserTuesday: Dirty Little Secret

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday, readers! Ella here. I thought I'd share a little excerpt with you today from Dirty Little Secret. This is the book that began my journey as a writer. It's also the book I'm giving away FREE when you sign up for my newsletter this month! But what's it about, you might ask. Secrets and sex, of course. ;) You don't want to miss this twist on your usua...
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Sexy and Sassy End of Summer Drinks! #SexySaturday @ngwngroup @nonaraines

Hi everyone, Nona here. Well, September's here and it's past Labor Day, but according to the calendar summer does not officially end until later this month. So, while we're saying goodbye to summer, why not toast it with some delicious drinks? During the dog days of summer, a refreshing lemonade or an iced tea really hit the spot. A mimosa (orange juice and champagne) is...
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Teaser Tuesday – Sexing up the Spy by Tina Holland

Jake watched each person enter the café. He was sure he spotted his rendezvous when a small middle-aged lady with brown hair and glasses walked in. She clutched a handbag in her hands as if her very life depended on it. The woman wore a long floral print skirt and a high-necked white shirt with sleeves covered to her wrists. No wonder Mark commented on her appearance. He ...
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Teaser Tuesday: Backstage Pass Antho

Backstage Pass, Dani Wade, rock star romance
Dani Wade here! Solar Uprising was supposed to have the summer off, but all kinds of drama ensued! From a new nanny and her obsessive stalker... to a broken man bent on revenge... to family loyalty gone horribly wrong...these rock stars now have to watch their backs. Who knew life could get even more complicated by love? Here's a little taste of brothers Michael & Da...
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#WednesdayWaterCooler: Work & Writing

How do some authors do it? So many authors, including many (if not all) of the Nice Girls Writing Naughty work full time and write.  How do they do it? For me, at times it seems like an ongoing struggle to write at the end of a work day.  I hear some writers get up early to write...who are these people? I am truly fascinated by how my fellow writers carve out time in t...
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